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Why A VPN Is Necessary For A Remote Worker?

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Being a remote worker or a freelancer, are you worried about managing your security and privacy while carrying out job-related online activities on the internet? Are you concerned that the productivity of your work might decrease by failing to access the data you’re looking for to complete your ongoing project?

Well, those are genuine concerns of all the remote workers. For which, a VPN is the solution to all of these matters. A VPN is a tool that “spoofs” your IP address, assigning you a different location’s address in just a matter of seconds.

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What Is A VPN And How Does A VPN Work?

When you connect to a VPN, it disguises your IP address and protects you from hackers, snooping by third parties, and other types of online assaults. You may access the internet anonymously while protected by a masked IP address, which means you don’t have to worry about any potential dangers.

To give you an understanding of how a VPN works, it creates a secure tunnel between a user and a VPN server. The traffic of the internet activities which the user carries out is transmitted through that tunnel, from which no one (even your ISP) can track your internet traffic.

On connecting to a VPN server, it assigns you an IP address that shields your original IP address. Whatever activities you perform on the internet are accessed through that “masked” IP address.

4 Reasons Why A VPN Is Necessary For A Remote Worker

After experiencing a global pandemic, the world has changed its methods of running businesses and companies.

BBC’s article portrays the results of a research conducted on 4,700 workers which stated that 72% did not want to go back to the traditional 9 – 5 office-centric working hours but gave their green signal to a remote working model.

Many businesses have shut themselves down as they couldn’t adapt to the changes or they simply didn’t want to.

Here are 4 reasons why you should have a VPN connection while working remotely.

A VPN Gives You Access To Everything In The Globe Anywhere

You may want to access the geo-restricted content on the internet to carry out work-related assignments or projects.

Moreover, companies usually apply geolocation on their personal networks that allow only authorized users to have access. This is simply because they want their data to be safe and avoid getting it into the wrong hands. If you try to access the network from a different location, your access will be restricted immediately.

For this, a VPN is necessary. Which can change your geolocation and lets you connect to your company’s network while also keeping the network’s content safe and private.

A VPN Lets You Access Public WiFi Networks Securely

Who doesn’t fancy a free internet connection? If you are a remote worker or a freelancer, you have the freedom to work anywhere, that can be a hotel lobby or a café which usually offers a public wifi network. But what if that wifi network is a bogus one?

You don’t want to lose your personal data being hacked. Cybercriminals can set up fraudulent wifi networks from which they can exploit your internet traffic, impose attacks on the connected devices and even have access to login credentials and payment card information.

Make sure you have a VPN turned on while you are connected to any internet connection. It is the best option to protect you against all malicious practices and keep your important data safe at all costs.

A VPN Connection Can Be Cheaper Than Commuting

You can use a VPN to connect to your organization’s internal network, carrying out all your office work as if you are physically there. This is the best option if you are working from home with a bed-rest advised by your doctor because of some accident or even if you are a remote worker.

Some jobs have options to choose work from home, if this is the case, then go for it. Because if we think straight, paying for the electricity and a VPN service is a lot better than spending on gas money, formal clothes, struggle to reach office on time, and the most important thing, wasting your energy in frustrating traffic jams if you work in a busy town, this research indicates how a long time commuter is an easy prey to stress symptoms, so it is necessary for organizations to discover different ways of working.

So if you are working remotely, you need a reliable VPN service that is budget-friendly. The 24-month VPN plan for Surfshark is as cheap as $2.49/month, but the catch is to pay $59.76 upfront.

If the IT Support of your office can configure your home PC directly to the organization, it is the best option – do it.

A VPN can encrypt all your personal information by routing it through a secure tunnel to make sure every operation, work-related or non-work-related is carried out with complete anonymity.

A VPN Increases Productivity In Work

Working from home is a much more flexible way to carry out your tasks and complete the deadlines efficiently. You can work in the middle of the night or in the early mornings, whatever you are comfortable with.

With this comfortable setup, it is equally important that you should be aware of keeping your online identity safe and pay special attention to protecting your traffic while on the internet.

This raises the concern of being on an unsecured network, which can be a distraction. And distractions can affect your work productivity, which leads to poor results.

Make sure you get a subscription plan from a reliable VPN provider (like ExpressVPN) that is proven to be efficient. So every time you carry out your job-related activities on the internet, you’ll be satisfied and confident that your online identity is safe.

With this, all your distractions are subtracted and hence, an increase in productivity is guaranteed.

Wrapping it up!

Continuing work life after the pandemic is different now. Organizations have gone remote. Companies have adopted new techniques of getting the jobs done in innovative ways. Some workers are still catching up, while some have become used to it.

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