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Best Websites to Learn the Code for Free

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Best Websites to Learn the Code for Free

According to statistics, there are more than 26 million developers in the world. By 2030, the estimated number of software engineers will rise to 45 million.

These days, you have a great opportunity to make your first steps into this niche and get a well-paying and high-demand profession for free. Scroll down below and find the list of the top websites to learn the code for free.


This website is the primary source of knowledge for all software developers in the world.

There are a lot of step-by-step guides to starting learning the code even if you have zero background and know nothing about creating software products.

Using tutorials on this website, you can learn HTML/CSS, SQL, JavaScript, XML, C++, Java, Python, etc. Additionally, the online code editor will help you write your first pieces of code, check them, and display the results.

The website supports 98 languages and provides web certificates. To get a certificate, you will need to learn at your own pace, pay a fee, and pass an exam at W3Schools.

Fortunately, there are no limitations, so that you can pass an exam as many times as possible.
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It is a large knowledge base that will help you learn the code step-by-step. This website provides the ability to learn 12 programming languages for free.

There are more than 850 theory articles available. Each tutorial is well-structured and divided by small bites of knowledge. Moreover, every tutorial comes with live code examples.

For instance, if you want to become a software engineer with high proficiency in PHP, it offers 90+ guides to learn more about syntax, variables, operators, arrays, mail functions, MySQL databases, etc.


Don’t want to read tutorials to learn the code? Well, find a video tutorial on Udemy, a leading platform for online education.

There are more than 2,000 free video courses in the development topic on this website. The large assortment of videos allows you to find a course that matches your level and skills.

Moreover, each instructor and video on this platform has a users’ rating and feedback. The duration of the courses is different. On average, a student needs 3-4 hours to watch a video tutorial.

However, to pass the ‘Basic Coding on JavaScript,’ course, you will need to pay people to do homework for you. This course consists of 273 lectures and lasts for 57.5 hours.


This is a well-known website that provides online educational courses from a few hours up to 3+ months.

Most of the courses there are paid as they are provided by prestigious universities. However, there are a lot of free lessons in computer science.

By illustration, the University of Michigan offers the ‘Python for Everybody Specialization’ lesson for free.

Also, Duke University provides the ‘Java Programming and Software Engineering Fundamentals’ course with no charge.


This website follows its primary purpose, to provide high-quality education in digital sciences for free. There are a lot of different lessons. Each of them requires 300 hours on average, to pass it.

After choosing a topic, you can pick a lesson and start your education, which is very convenient. The screen divides into three rows.

In the first row, there are educational materials with code examples. In the second one, there is an online code editor. The third row shows the result of your coding, which updates simultaneously.

In case you’re an undergraduate student, it may be hard to allocate enough time for additional education. Therefore, if the question, “Can I pay to do my math homework?” appears, feel free to get help with homework online.


If you have zero background in software development and want to learn the code from scratch, it is one of the best websites. It provides the ability to learn programming languages by playing.

You’re free to choose any of 17 free courses to make your first steps into software development.

Also, there is the learners’ scoreboard and playground where SoloLearn users share their pieces of code.

Overall, this website provides the ability to learn the code on both Android and Apple smartphones by using their mobile application.

Khan Academy

It is an online platform that aims to spread education for free. Khan Academy grows thanks to donations only. Despite this fact, there are a lot of high-quality tutorials and videos to become a software engineer.

The computer programming course on this website offers HTML/CSS, JS, and SQL lessons.

The method of education at Khan Academy is unique. It combines a video-guide with the live-code editor.

After hitting the play button, a guide starts, and the code appears along with an audio-explainer. However, you can pause a lesson anytime and modify the examples of code to examine your skills.

Hint for Young Developers

Unfortunately, there is no solid path to become a developer. A software engineer should have a set of skills that allow resolving particular tasks. Note, there are a lot of different programming languages, and none of them is multipurpose.

For instance, if you want to create websites, you should start learning HTML/CSS and JavaScript. In case you’re a real fan of Apple products and want to create apps for iOS devices, you should start learning Swift.

Summing up, firstly, you need to make research to discover what programming language you need to learn.

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