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Which Websites is Best To Check Internet Speed

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Aren’t we all looking for ultrafast internet always? With the fast-paced world that is today, we cannot afford to have an internet connection that is lagging in speed.

A lot of people complain about slow internet speeds.

If you believe your internet service provider is not keeping the end of their bargain you can always reach out to them.

You might be one of those users who think that the connection speed that is being promised in your home internet subscription plan is what you get regularly as well, but this isn’t always the case. For starters, while you’re connected wirelessly over Wi-Fi, your speeds will decrease as the distance between you and the router increases.

During peak usage, speeds may decrease or fluctuate, and they may even come to a stop if your provider imposes such throttles to the connections to maintain overall network performance. It can even be an error at your end of the connection that you are facing troubles regarding your internet speed.

So, in simple terms, it could be any of the above-mentioned reasons that you are not getting the promised speed. Therefore, we recommend that it may not be the best option to just lash out at your service providers without any proof or evidence regarding this issue.

So, if you are facing an issue with the internet speed, you would want to check your internet speed first before you reach out to the provider with certainty that it is a problem at their end.

Now, you might ask; which websites are best to check internet speed? We are here to answer that for you.

Without any further wait, let’s get straight into it.

Which Websites Is Best To Check Internet Speed

The following are the best, most reliable, and secure websites that you can use whenever you have to check your internet speed.


TestMy.net seeks to set itself apart from other www.internetprivatsphare.de speed testers by focusing entirely on real-world broadband results obtained under real-world circumstances. It accomplishes this by ensuring that its servers are hosted in the same location as numerous prominent websites. TestMy.net assures that the results you obtain from your testing are as near as feasible to those you get from surfing.

Rather than providing you with a thorough test, TestMy.net requires you to specify what you want to be tested, such as your upload, download, or latency.


It is also referred to as the speed test by Ookla. It’s a well-liked internet speed test, and with good reason.

Speedtest is the perfect balance of ease of use and feature-richness. It’s simple to use the service; all you have to do is click the huge “Go” button, and the website will take care of the rest.

Since its inception in 2006, Speedtest has completed over 35 billion tests.

With just one click, you can examine how your internet compares to that of your country and others around the world with Speedtest’s Global Index. Speedtest is available on a variety of platforms, including iOS, Android, and others.


Fast might be the best internet speed tester for you if you’re searching for something easy and quick to use. Fast is one of the quickest speed testers when it comes to the www.privacidadenlared.es and it lives up to its name. Fast will start working its magic as soon as you load a webpage, rapidly checking your download speed. The results are clear, with just a measurement of your download speed in megabits per second, but you can get additional information if you need it.

Speedof. me

SpeedOf.mMe is a small website that works on a variety of devices. If you’re searching for a test that you can run across browsers on your desktop and phone, SpeedOf.mMe could be the appropriate fit. SpeedOf.mMe works in the way you’d anticipate. If you want to start, all you have to do is click one button and SpeedOf.mMe will begin testing. The graph is visually appealing and updated in real-time, providing you with a detailed analysis of your internet speed data as you go.


If you’re searching for something a little more in-depth, Speedcheck has you covered, as it also provides more detailed information about your network’s reliability. You can observe how your internet speed fluctuated during the test, as well as how much data the service moved. It may tell you about your latency, upload and download speeds, IP address, and internet service provider.


It’s evident that determining your internet speed is a simple and basic procedure and choosing any of the aforementioned sites to achieve so is recommended due to the reliability. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t do it now and then to assess how your present service provider is doing and check if they holding their promises.

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