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When Cosmetic Surgery Becomes More Than Just Aesthetic

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Although there are no perfect solutions, many patients who opt to have cosmetic surgery are pleasantly surprised by the positive mental gains of getting the surgery they want.

Cosmetic surgery can increase your self-confidence and esteem, help with depressive symptoms and result in an increase in your general levels of happiness if you enter the process with reasonable goals and an insight into how you perceive yourself on the inside and outside.

Cosmetic Surgery’s Psychological Effects

Increased Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

One of the most prevalent reasons patients seeks cosmetic surgery is that their emotional self does not correspond to their physical self. This causes a misalignment of self-esteem and confidence.

While others may not consider it a defect or even see it, cosmetic surgery may be the solution if you feel that something about your body or face is undermining your confidence.

Helps with Depression Symptoms

In certain situations, the disparity between how a person feels on the inside and how they appear outside may be so distressing that it leads to depression. In reality, a typical cause of depression is having a low self-perception.

Patients who come into our clinic with realistic expectations and knowledge of their internal struggle with their bodies typically leave with a restored feeling of self and a reduction in depressive symptoms.

According to one study, 31 percent of cosmetic surgical patients on antidepressants quit needing or using drugs after a six-month follow-up.

Improvement in Overall Happiness

Several studies have found a solid and favorable relationship between self-perceptions of attractiveness and emotions of overall happiness. So, if you feel much better about yourself and more attractive after receiving cosmetic surgery, odds are you will be happier with yourself and your life daily.

Other Reasons For Getting Some Work Done

More Health Advantages

So having your lips plumped may not have any benefits other than enhancing your self-esteem. However, in rare cases, aesthetic procedures might benefit your health.

Botox, for example, has been demonstrated to aid with persistent migraines, excessive sweating, Bell’s palsy, and possibly even severe depression.

When women choose a breast reduction, they are generally relieved of back pain. Like Drew Barrymore and Ariel Winter, several celebrities have undergone it for personal reasons; sometimes practical ones like preventing back discomfort, and sometimes to stop being hypersexualized. Still, they’ve all reported feeling good and unburdened after it.

Finally, plastic surgery allows those who have had weight loss surgery to get rid of excess skin that can cause severe rashes and infections. While some cosmetic procedures may not have a significant impact on physical health, their impact and mental benefit might be noteworthy.

More Technological Progress

Cosmetic operations’ specialized techniques are becoming safer and more effective. So are the tools and technologies that doctors now have access to. Nonsurgical remedies are a fast-expanding field.

Lasers, for example, did not exist ten years ago. You can now own one if you want!

And Botox was once the only neurotoxin on the market that smoothed outlines. There are now three others, and a fourth, Jeuveau, was reportedly approved by the FDA and is set to go on the market soon.

More Affordable

Cosmetic plastic surgery used to be reserved for the ultra-rich. Nowadays, the most typical patient is a working professional, generally, from a dual-income family or a stay-at-home mother—she wants to restore her physical look after having children.

In other words, she’s not your classic Beverly Hills housewife who “likes having some twerks done.” In essence, cosmetic procedures, both surgical and nonsurgical, have also become more affordable.

There are numerous financing options available, ranging from medical credit and debit cards and consumer lending to payment programs offered by doctor’s offices.

Remember that most health insurance policies only cover aesthetic surgeries for medical reasons, including breast reconstruction following a mastectomy. So be sure to confirm whether the surgery you want can be covered.

Cosmetic Advice For Those With A Penchant For Make-up

If you’re considering a cosmetic treatment, consider the following:

You Should Ask Yourself, “Why?”

And be truthful. It has to be for you, to make you feel good about yourself. Having a treatment to impress or please someone else will never bring you happiness.

Find A Doctor You Can Rely On

Sure, you could go to any random dentist and get Botox with a Groupon, still why not do your homework first?

Seek treatment from a qualified plastic surgeon who will put your needs first. You want to choose someone who can say, ‘This is good for you,’ not ‘This is good for me.”

Note that plastic surgeons have the same training as cardiac surgeons. Many also do complicated treatments such as cancer reconstructions and children’s congenital impairments in addition to cosmetic procedures.

So make it clear what you desire. Don’t presume that any surgeon understands what you mean when you say “better skin” or “relatively small breasts.”

The surgeon can ideally match a safe technique that matches your desired goals by knowing what you’re seeing and seeking to change.

However, don’t sweat it; you can still have your surgeon to help you figure out what you want. Thompson Facial Plastics has experienced board-certified surgeons to meet your needs.

Have Realistic Expectations

A review study that looked at the relationship between cosmetic surgery patients and psychological well-being provided vital insight into the importance of expectations in a patient’s contentment with the outcome, and thus their well-being.

In general, patients who have overly high expectations of how the treatment will change their lives are less satisfied afterward. Those who go into surgery intending to just change a body part for pleasure and self-esteem, on the other hand, usually have positive effects in terms of their emotional state.

It’s worth noting that doctors are far from magicians and they can only achieve close to perfect results; in short, don’t expect perfection.

Undoubtedly cosmetic surgery outcomes are skin deep; they profoundly impact self—especially self-esteem and confidence. We’ve also seen they can alleviate depressive symptoms and increase physical comfort. The benefits are numerous!

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