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What’s the Difference Between Dedicated Server and Cloud Server

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The Server is the backbone for hosting any website. It is one of the primary things that one should consider when thinking about hosting their online business. Site owners have multiple choices to choose the best Server hosting for their business hosting.

There are many servers provided by the best web hosting provider, such as a shared server, VPS Server, Dedicated Server, cloud server, and many more. Every hosting comes with different plans and different features with bundles of advantages at an affordable price.

In this blog post, we will discuss about the dedicated server and cloud server and their differences and benefits. So you get the idea which one you should opt for hosting your site.

Know About the Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server is a hosting platform that rents its space for hosting the website on an extensive network. It comes with dedicated resources that are devoted only to individual sites. Dedicated Server is best. We can say that it is an ideal choice for your business hosting that comes with the bundles of resources.

You get the round the clock support and top of the world resources with the dedicated Server. Dedicated Server is the best that is perfect for large scale businesses. It can easily handle the enormous traffic on the website and offer high bandwidth to host your business on a large scale.

You get the best network infrastructure, robust Cpanel configurations, the authority to make server configurations, and much more with the cheap dedicated server . With Dedicated Server Hosting, you get the complete root-level control, standard security measures, best backup plans, and much more at an affordable price.

It might be expensive than the other hosting like shared and VPS Server but offer worthful resources. Hence, your investment on the dedicated Server is completely worthful. You can take advantage of reliable and flexible resources on your budget. It is not only an ideal but perfect choice for your business hosting.

Introduction to Cloud Server

The cloud server is a Virtual server that requires cloud computing environment to run or host the website. It is also referred to as the Virtual Server that involves a cloud computing environment to create, host, or delivered any website on an extensive network. You can host your site on multiple servers with the cloud server.

If we talk about the cloud server in more simple words than we can say that it uses a number of virtual servers to provide highly flexible and scalable resources. But in the Dedicated Server, you can save your webpages, but it is not possible with the cloud server. It is more complex to manage the website with a cloud server.

With a cloud server, you will not be aware of the actual working as it ultimately does all the work virtually. But in a cloud server, you just need to pay for the resources that should be useful or necessary for your website hosting. You didn’t need to pay any extra charges for the additional or extra resources.

One thing about the cloud server is that it is perfect for small to large-scale business. A site owner has many choices among the best provider.

What’s the Difference Between Dedicated Server and Cloud Server

  • Highly Scalable

It is obvious that with a Dedicated Server , you get the dedicated resources and dedicated hardware that you can use for your business hosting. But it is not possible to scale your dedicated Server as it comes with an adequate amount of resources.

On the other hand, the Cloud server comes with highly flexible and scalable resources that perfectly fit according to your website needs. Therefore, you can quickly scale up its resources at any time.

  • Customization

With the best dedicated server, you get the complete root-level control and full server configurations authority to make any changes on the Server. Therefore, you can easily customize the resources according to your site requirements.

Simultaneously, the cloud server does not provide that much control to make server configurations to any of its customers. Therefore, you can’t customize your cloud server.

  • Server Management

If you choose the dedicated server hosting, then you get complete control over your Server. So you can manage the software and applications according to yourself on a Dedicated Server. You need technical knowledge to maintain and manage the server by yourself. But with the best provider, you will get the maintenance services so you can be free from such hassle to manage it.

While the cloud server comes with a completely managed environment. So you don’t need to take stress about maintenance and server management with the cloud server. With the cloud server, it is more difficult to manage and handle resources. At the same time, it becomes quite easy with a dedicated server.

  • High Reliability

In a dedicated server, you get the resources that are used to manage a single dedicated server. Hence, failure or damage in any of the systems can cause or collapse the complete Server. You may lose your entire data that results in server downtime.

While in a Cloud Server, you need to deal with the multiple servers on a physical server where the site is virtually hosted. Therefore, if one Server collapses or gets down, it will not affect the Server’s other websites. Hence, it makes the cloud server a wholly reliable and perfect platform for site hosting.

  • Standard Security

Dedicated Server Hosting is best known and famous for providing high security. It comes with the advances serversecure security and standard DDoS protection. It ultimately secures your data from being accessed or hacked from the hackers, outside attacks, viruses, malware, and much more.

Cloud Server is also best in offering high security, but if we compare it with a dedicated Server. Then, it comes to a step back. But it doesn’t mean that it is not secure or your data is not protected with the cloud server. It also comes with the inbuilt security measures and high security but somewhere less than that of a dedicated server.


Dedicated Server and Cloud Server both are best in their budget. Both come with different resources and features but differ in price value. As you saw in this blog post, there is a basic difference between a dedicated server and a cloud server. How it is useful for your business and is it fit for the large scale businesses or not.

Now its completely depends on your budget and website requirements that which web hosting meets your business needs. Cloud Server is best for web applications. At the same time, you should choose the Dedicated Server in for the website hosting.

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