30.09.2023 12:00

What Is The Best Digital Log Book For Pilots?

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A few of the pilots recommended LogTen and best digital pilot logbook Kev Hughes stating it was ” by far most costly but also the very best all-around product.” He stated that LogTen is the ideal option for pilots who need something seamless for both their iPad and computers.

Somebody with the user name Sidestickplayer recommended the MCCpilot log

 because there’s a free-of-charge edition as the enterprise edition costs around USD 70 or so. It is possible to import information from excel in it and make use of the iPad/iPhone app.

Mark Kolber stated he’s a huge fan of MyFlightBook, a cloud-based solution

Mark mentioned that there’s always the chance of anything happening to your information if you are using a cloud service, but MyFlightBook.com offers a synchronized Excel spreadsheet so that you can hold all your data locally and also provide an Android and iOS app. Mark stated he’d 1,500 hours of flight time over more or less twenty years to import from Excel, and that the import went remarkably smooth, with some useful guidance from the creator.

Chris thanked Mark after the discussion for his suggestion of MyFlightBook.com, and he also authored that myflightbook. ” One of the greatest things I have ever obtained free of charge is com.

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