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What is Kentico Xperience?

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You’ve heard of WordPress, you’re familiar with Drupal, but what about Kentico?

Kentico is a CMS platform that provides unlimited possibilities to users, particularly those involved in the digital marketing sector. By integrating features specific to online marketing — including A/B testing, web analytics, and SEO-friendly development options — Kentico quickly became the CMS of choice for those involved in the eCommerce space.

In 2020, Kentico rebranded its existing product line to launch ‘Kentico Xperience’, a comprehensive CMS platform designed to meet the continually evolving web development needs of its customers. But what is Kentico Xperience and who might benefit from using this forM of CMS? Read on to find out!

CMS Explained

CMS stands for the content management system. A CMS is a type of software that helps users create, publish, and share content online without the need for specialist technical skills.

However, CMS platforms are not only reserved for those with limited tech knowledge. Many professional developers opt to use a CMS when building a new site due to the vast technical and creative possibilities that these platforms — including WordPress, Drupal, and Kentico — offer. CMS platforms also offer excellent security for developers and users alike.

A CMS can be thought of as a system of infrastructure that makes creating and publishing content (including text, images, videos, and more) easy.

Content management systems can be used to build all types of websites, from blogs to social media platforms. The vast majority of websites that you have ever used would have been built using a CMS.

A Little Bit About Kentico Xperience

Now we know what a CMS platform is, let’s dive a little deeper into one of the world’s most popular — Kentico.

Like all CMS platforms, Kentico enables users to create, edit, and share content. However, it offers several additional features that make it a favorite of many developers and website owners.

Kentico is often the CMS of choice for online marketing professionals, who are looking for simplified means of integrating eCommerce features into their site. Kentico rebranded its products to launch ‘Kentico Xperience’, a combined platform that offers content management, commerce, and digital marketing tools, further cementing its status as the preferred CMS for eCommerce sites.

Kentico Xperience offers three levels of licensing; Business, Enterprise, and Corporate. Business is the base level while signing up to Enterprise and Corporate offers additional features that are perfect for digital marketers, including:

  • Email marketing
  • A/B testing
  • Web analytics
  • Campaign conversion tracking
  • Tailored user content
  • Access to location data
  • SEO-friendly site features

Benefits of Kentico

Aside from offering advantages and special features to digital marketers, there is a range of reasons why Kentico is one of the world’s most popular CMS platforms.

Kentico is considered to be quite user-friendly, particularly for those who do not have a lot of experience working with CMS platforms. It has an easy-to-use interface that enables all involved to create, edit, and upload content with ease.

As a CMS platform, Kentico has extensive customization capabilities. One of the most important aspects of building a website is that it reflects your company’s brand and service offerings. Kentico also makes it easy to scale elements of your website, meaning your online presence can grow as you do.

Finally, Kentico offers excellent customer support. This is particularly important as developers and users alike often run into difficulties with working with CMS platforms, for a variety of reasons. Being able to contact a real person who can guide you towards a solution means that you never have to worry about being stuck with a bug you cannot fix.

Leave the Development to the Professionals

Despite its user-friendly nature, developing a website using Kentico is not necessarily a challenge that should be scaled alone. Rather, working with a professional team that provides Kentico development services means you can be confident that you will get your dream site without the stress and expense that comes with developing it yourself.

Building a website takes time. While you may have an in-house developer or two at your disposal, they most likely have other responsibilities that are demanding their attention. By opting to outsource your development, your employees will have the time required to concentrate on their ongoing work.

A professional developer is also trained in the art of taking your vision and making it a digital reality. While you might be excited at the opportunity to create a site that reflects your brand, in reality, this is a very difficult task that requires substantial development skills. A clean, engaging website has the potential to completely transform your business — don’t risk being disappointed at your own handiwork.

Finally, a team that is specifically trained in Kentico development knows how to get the absolute most out of the CMS platform. By taking advantage of advanced features and eCommerce capabilities, you can be sure that your site is user-friendly, engaging, and does what it is supposed to do. 

The bottom line? Don’t try to create a website without the help of professionals trained in providing Kentico development services. Your Kentico Xperience depends upon it.

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