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What is Amazon Web Services and Why is It So Successful?

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Most startups need a solid budget and technical competence to accomplish their tasks. They have to start big, making it hard for them to earn money as time goes by. Eventually, they have to admit their failure and just give up. This is why startups should consider using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to get their job done properly.

Today’s most successful businesses rely on Amazon AWS. Believe it or not, Pinterest, Tinder, Spotify, Airbnb, and FunPlus made use of AWS at the beginning of their business adventure. Some of them keep using it until now.

AWS for startups is a real deal. Let us explain why!

Why Opt for Amazon Web Services?

AWS is known as one of the leading providers of cloud resources. It is fast and easy to use, which makes it a perfect option for big and small businesses all over the world.

AWS happens to be a combination of infrastructure (IaaS), platform (PaaS), and packaged software (SaaS) services. As a result, it provides a range of organization tools such as IT power, database storage, and content delivery services.

Being a cloud provider, AWS for startups delivers 175 fully-featured services from various data spots. Being the optimum innovation in the sphere of cloud computing, it comes with a low pricing policy. Moreover, it provides a pay-as-you-go pricing policy, so you will be covering the resources used with AWS.

AWS is trusted by the biggest business companies. Its computing services, storage spaces, databases, analytical networks, mobile developer tools, management instruments, and IoT security applications can address whatever needs.

Who Else Does AWS Benefit?

A core principle of AWS is “Security is Job Zero”. It means that AWS provides you with all the necessary tools to manage your business, regardless of its size. In addition, cost management solutions and security operations allow you to provide faster, safer, and more affordable results. According to Amazon, there are more than one million AWS users.

Many business companies turn to AWS to expand their global presence and their business reputation. Some technology giants, television channels, financial institutions, food manufacturers, and many other organizations use AWS to develop, integrate, and manage applications. Some of the most famous names include but are not limited to Adobe, BMW, Canon, Coinbase, Expedia, Hearst Corporation, International Civil Aviation Organization, Lonely Planet, News International, Schneider Electric, Turner Broadcasting, and many others.


AWS for startups works perfectly well. Novartis and Vodafone also made use of AWS. And look at them now. They are some of the richest companies in the world.

AWS Can Be Overwhelming

Companies that rely on AWS develop an extensive environment that stands still on the market. It enables the development of applications, websites, and eCommerce agencies. Thus, AWS for startups credits often happens to be overwhelming.

Even for professional services, it takes time and effort to set up the server. Moreover, this can be a rare instrument for a startup business. New businesses often establish a system admin to manage server maintenance and server management, which leads to extra work and extra expenses.

After registering for AWS, a user can gain access to designated server resources that are linked to an operating system. Users can use the given console to set up a convenient environment for a web application. The whole process may seem difficult but it’s not the case. The use of AWS won’t cause you a headache.

Experience the Benefits of AWS with Managed Cloud Hosting

Amazon Web Services for startups offers a lot of benefits. As a potential user, you need to know at least some of them:

Ease of Use

AWS is simple to use for corporate and private users.

They can take control over their data and make the necessary changes whenever they need it. AWS provides all of the necessary data, documentation, and video content to assist you in mastering the services.

Enhanced Security

AWS is a durable and secure technology resource. It ensures the level of safety through Amazon’s data centers. And it conducts regular audits to keep its infrastructure safe.

AWS has established the best practices on how to integrate the best AWS features such as availability, integrity, and confidentiality. The Amazon Detective is one of the recent services that proceeds with faster and more efficient data investigations.


AWS is quite affordable thanks to its pay-as-you-go pricing model. This means that you pay for the service that you sign up for and only for the time you use it.

Generally, there are several payment plans to choose from:

  • Save when you reserve. This plan is suitable for specific services like Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS. If you decide the pay everything beforehand, you will get a solid discount.
  • Payless by using more. The services like S3 and data transfer OUT from EC2, you can pay per Gigabyte (GB). A volume-based discount can help you pay less from a long-term perspective.
  • AWS free tier. More than 60 AWS services are offered in free mode.

Flexibility and Convenience

AWS can be adjusted to individual needs and preferences. You can choose a programming model, architecture, operating system, database, and development platform that suits you most users get a virtual environment that allows them to access software and services for various applications. No restrictions and no protocols are applied.

Elasticity and Scalability

AWS makes it easy for you to experiment with huge global cloud infrastructure. To enable scalability, AWS can manage the workload based on the demand. With new applications, you can avoid resource provisioning for short-term projects.

Elastic load balancing can optimize cloud-based resources automatically if some unpredicted events occur. In this context, AWS can be useful in operations recurring at small intervals.


Should you use AWS? Well, the choice is yours. The benefits of AWS speak for themselves. AWS has shaken up the computing world by bringing a unique kind of cloud services. Thanks to the cheap pricing policy, its cloud products are extremely popular among corporate and private clients.

With the above information, you should be able to make a smart decision. Make sure to assess the eligibility of AWS, depending on your business needs.

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