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What is a Negotiation and How is it Mutually Beneficial for Customers and Retailers?

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Online shopping giants like Nordstrom and Best Buy offer their managers the ability to negotiate prices. Other retailers, such as Target, Toys R Us and Staples offer price matching policies for their merchandise. This is clearly a highly promotional environment.

With the increase in price comparison tools online, everyone is doing their best to offer better deals. With so many discount coupons now available online, it’s a lot easier to do everything.

However, if you asked your family and friends they would all answer the same. It’s surprising that not all buyers like to receive coupons. They prefer to negotiate for a better deal.

When you are considering negotiations, however, it is important to consider in-person options. It’s a common practice to go to a shop to purchase a car, a home, or a new dress. The online marketplace wants to offer a similar service.

This is the “name Your Price” business model. Once again, Buyer and other stores have paved the way for this new eCommerce negotiation.

Is this why there is so much noise about this old trading strategy? Continue reading to find out!

Negotiation works: It is the oldest trick in the trade for a reason.

In this digital age, people are always searching for the human element in online purchases. The “Buy Now” business model, which is mainly used by top online shopping sites, is more like customer technology integration. If given the chance, customers will switch to other online marketplaces.

The sellers can introduce a negotiation approach to pricing. This will allow for a dialog between the buyer’s and seller’s. The buyer and seller will be able to come up with a price that is acceptable. This will allow them to build trust in each other.

This will create a win/win situation for both buyers and sellers. It is not attractive just because it is good for both buyers and sellers, however.

What then is a Negotiation Pricing Strategy?

This is what you can imagine. You might find items online on a daily basis. These items are only available at a certain price. It is easy to compare prices on the top online shopping sites and click “Buy Now”. But what if you were able to negotiate the price?

Customers can choose their price, which is an innovative pricing strategy that allows them to pay what they want. If the retailer accepts the offer, it is accepted. This is how it works!

The sellers list the products and give the threshold prices to the customers.

If the customer is interested in purchasing an item, they will make an initial offer.

If the seller approves the price, it will be completed.

It’s more like an auction reverse. Companies like Buyr have been slowly but steadily introducing this unique concept to the online marketplace.

What is mutually beneficial for customers and retailers?

This price negotiation model is approached by many online shopping sites, including Nyopoly and Garmentory. Let your customers bargain power is a great way to help online retailers in these ways:

Helps to earn customer trust

It is not easy to win customer trust these days. It is even harder to reach customers with the current level of competition. However, if you place them at the heart of your pricing strategy, it will help you build a solid foundation.

Improves customer loyalty

Customer loyalty can be improved by Providing excellent customer service and efficient product delivery is a great way to build customer loyalty. If you offer customers the option to feel privileged and receive tailor-made discounts, it will be easier for you to win their hearts. It is a lot easier to retain customers if the customer is happy.
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Bridging the gap between buyer and seller

Why do customers switch to other vendors instead? Communication is a major reason why customers switch to other vendors. You can open a communication channel and a customer negotiation by using a bargaining model.

Create an intelligent pricing strategy

To make a decent profit margin you must create a pricing plan. You can price your products the same as your competition. However, once you have a variety of options, you will be able to determine the best deal for your customers.

This is not all.

It also allows customers to use the following

Better deals

People love discounts. Online retail is a great place to find coupons and spin-wheel games. Negotiation allows buyers to negotiate a price range and not a fixed price.

Psychological Relief

Due to the global pandemic, people are now more focused on saving than ever. This pricing model gives customers psychological relief and ensures that there will be no overspending.


It can be overwhelming to go through every website. A customer does not have to switch sites to get price negotiation options. They just need to bid on the price and wait for approval before they can close the deal. This is a time-saving and cost-efficient way to save money.

Buyr.com follows the same approach and helps customers find the best deals. They also create a buyer-seller-friendly environment.

Last Thoughts

Negotiation is a favorite pastime of people. If you give this power to your customer, they’ll be more inclined to do so. This negotiation-based pricing strategy allows buyers to save more and sellers to sell more.

This old trick is resurgent in today’s online marketplace. It’s high time customers started looking for these sites instead of sticking with old online shopping methods.

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