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What is 4G Network and Why You Need It

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With the fast advancing technology in these modern days, the speed of mobile networks and data connection also tries to keep up. Each wireless cellular technology generation has introduced increased bandwidth speeds, including 4G.

If you are not certain about what a 4G network is, you’re not alone. There are billions of 4G users around the world, and they constantly enjoy the faster data speeds of the network without knowing what it is and how it actually works.

This type of network connection might sound complex, but we can help you learn the basics of what a 4G network is and why you need it. So, keep reading as Australia’s biggest 4G network explains them to you.

Definition of Fourth Generation (4G) Network

Fourth Generation or 4G is a network that succeeds the 3G. It’s about ten times faster than the 3G network, making mobile phone devices more comparable to computers in terms of quality graphics and gaming experience.

A 4G system needs to have International Mobile Telecommunications-Advanced, a set of guidelines released by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) to ensure the quality of the network. The peak speeds of a 4G has to be at 100 megabits per second (Mbit/s) for communications with high mobility, such as when riding on a car or a train) and 1 Gigabit per second (Gbit/s) for low mobility communications like when walking on a pedestrian.

A Short History of 4G

The actual development of the 4G network started in 2004. It was first released by a Swedish company called Telia Sonera, which is now known as Telia Company AB, and the Ericsson devices then carried it in Stockholm and Huawei devices in Oslo. This evolution has allowed billions of consumers high-quality video streaming, upload speeds, download speeds, smooth video conferencing, and more.

Benefits of Using 4G for Mobile Devices

The evolution of mobile networks and the invention of 4G connections have allowed mobile phone towers to produce a quality connection and helped many people in their day-to-day lives. In case you’re not yet one of the billions of 4G users, here are the top reasons why you should switch to this network:

1. High Mobile Internet Speed and Capacity

Everybody hates that lagging and interruption when it comes to the internet connection. They make your mobile use inconvenient and stressful. Whether you suddenly had a power outage at home and lost an internet connection, or you’re outside, wanting to keep a stable connection, the fast mobile internet speed and capacity of 4G won’t fail you. Its peak speed in various cellular networks will give you seamless gameplay, video streaming experience, and communication with your friends, loved ones, or business associates.

2. Tight Network Security

The internet allows us to connect to many people wherever they are to communicate, play games, do business, and more. However, it’s not always the safest for everyone. Unfortunately, there are plenty of hackers, data thieves, and other online criminals out there these days.

While there is no perfect immunity against online attacks, there are still connections that are secure and can help you prevent them. Data that are sent over a 4G network are all encrypted, making it safer than connecting to public wifi connection. You can feel more comfortable about your privacy, and the tight network security will prevent data loss, theft, and other cybercrimes.

3. Affordable Communication System

Despite getting to enjoy the theoretical speeds of up to 50mbps, the communication system that the 4G network provides is so affordable. You can choose between getting a 4G plan or just loading your 4G Simcard whenever you need to connect to people or to the internet.

4. No Installation Requirements

The 4G network significantly improves the mobile technology and gives incredible connection, without any installation requirements and fees. You can experience the wide benefits of using a 4G without having to consume a lot of time.

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5. Wide Geographical Coverage

Unfortunately, there are still areas that are not covered by cable, fiber, and DSL connections, and not everyone easily gets access to a smooth internet. But the good thing is that 4G has a wide geographical coverage, giving people in areas not covered by wired internet access to a stable connection and the ability to communicate with others conveniently.

Get Access to 4G Network Now

The improving technology in the world comes with significant advantages that also improve the lifestyle of everyone. The 4G network has not been only helping mobile networks produce quality service and allowing businesses to have a stable connection and income; It has also been contributing to our advancement.

So, if you haven’t switched to the Fourth Generation Network, it’s time to consider all the benefits we’ve discussed today and experience the incredible connection it can give.
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