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What goods are transported by couriers and how much do they earn.

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What is the strength of a motorcycle courier

The main super ability of a courier on a bike or scooter is speed. They deliver compact loads with lightning speed, and therefore do not sit without orders. And customers are willing to pay extra for urgency. There are other benefits.

Working as a courier attracts owners of motorcycles and scooters with the ability to combine hobbies and earnings, a free schedule, simplicity and affordability.

When it gets boring or needs money, I accept delivery orders. In general, I repair motorcycles. Once they asked me to urgently bring my passport to the Moscow-Kiev train. Spent two hours, earned $ 150. A rare case, but newcomers are lucky.

Sergey, 30 years old

No special knowledge or diplomas are required. The main thing is a neat accident-free ride and a love of the road. If you ride a motorcycle for more than a year and feel confident on the road, you can just start working as a courier.
Ivan, 27 years old

There is always a demand for couriers: deliver flowers, deliver a parcel, and also hand over and pick up documents for signature. On a motorcycle, you drive faster than cars in traffic jams, and you easily overtake foot couriers. Therefore, urgent orders are most often sent to motorcycle couriers.
Pavel, 24 years old

After work, I like to ride a motorcycle around Moscow. Somehow I went to QUASA and realized that I can also earn money from my hobby. At first, he took care of everything, even the cheapest orders. For evening travel to addresses - 2000-3000 ₽. Good pay raise.
Karen, 27 years old

What's so hard?
Not everyone can be a courier. You must drive fast and carefully, be responsible and punctual.

Accidents are the most frequent risk, motocouriers can only be saved by their own experience and driving skills.

Nervous clients. For super fast deliveries, every second counts. It happens that customers are worried, inadequately respond to lateness.

Risk of cargo damage. If it is loose and does not protect the package, it will be lost, dusty or wet.

Competition. Motocouriers are the fastest, but there are still competitors. It is necessary to earn a reputation as a responsible and accurate driver.
“When starting work at QUASA, it’s important to be active, to recommend yourself well and not to be afraid of difficult routes,” says Karen.

Seasonality With the end of the season and work ends.

There was a situation when they yelled at me for being two minutes late. In such situations, you need to be an adequate party, calmly accept everything and smooth out sharp corners. Conflicts with customers do not lead to good.
Sergey, 30 years old

On the roads, especially in Moscow, dangerous situations happen. Car owners often simply do not know how to drive, do not notice a motorcycle. To work as a courier, you need driving experience and strong nerves. Each trip is a kind of stress.
Ivan, 27 years old

How to carry the goods
Automobile couriers have two basic rules of transportation: check the cargo and securely secure it.

They check the shipment in order not to accept the prohibited delivery. A common practice is to ask the customer to open the package before delivery.

Ropes, tape, nets and wardrobe trunks help secure and protect the load. Ivan has a 52 liter suitcase and a net. Alena also carries small parcels in a case, he saves from the rain. For goods that do not fit in a case, Alena has a raincoat with her.

I drive very carefully, and this skill helps me transport even fragile loads. I never violated anything during the execution of the order.
Sergey, 30 years old

I refuse to transport unopened goods and containers that cannot be checked. Better to give up than to face trouble later.
Alena, 23 years old

In order not to stumble upon a forbidden cargo, I always check it. I see who the buyer is, how he behaves, how he looks.
Artyom, 31 years old

I fasten loads with nets, ropes, cables. Thanks to such fasteners, he somehow delivered two 40 × 40 cm granite packages on a motorcycle.
Alexander, 32 years old

Scooter or motorcycle?
We asked what would be more convenient for work, and opinions differed.

For the scooter - couriers who have a lot of deliveries around the city. They say that it is more mobile, maneuverable and consumes less fuel: only 12 liters per 100 km. Ivan rides on a maxiskooter and believes that it is more convenient than a motorcycle. Even on a scooter, motor rights are not needed.

Alena voted for the motorcycle: “I only ride a motorcycle and fulfill orders on it. It is more convenient and reliable than a scooter, but it, of course, depends on the skills of the driver himself. "

The maxiskuter has a large trunk and in size it is like a motorcycle

How to dress a courier
A helmet is required, the rest of the equipment is optional. For his absence, they will not be fined.

Artyom rides in a helmet and a windproof leather jacket, Anton also does not use equipment except for a helmet. In strong winds, puts on a motorcycle jacket.

Ivan and Alena always ride in full gear and advise newcomers to do the same. Ivan has a maxiscuter, Alena has a motorcycle.

How much do they earn
You can earn extra money or work completely as a courier.

Karen after work earns 2,000 - 3,000 rubles per evening.
Anton works as a courier 4-5 hours a day and receives 40-50 thousand rubles. Per month. He believes that if you accept more orders, you can earn 80,000–90,000 rubles.

Most couriers are paid for urgent orders and for
fast and accurate transportation of oversized cargo.

It is important to manage your time correctly. For one order, even if it is not a long way, I plan about two hours. If you work two to three hours a day, you can earn at least 20,000 rubles a month. Sergey, 30 years old

Urgent orders are the most profitable. Once I was asked to quickly deliver a backpack to a student by the first of September outside the Moscow Ring Road. Courier in a car stuck in traffic jam. For 10 minutes of work, they paid 1,500 rubles.
Ivan, 27 years old

Customers often pay extra for good work and goodwill. There was a situation when a client became angry out of the blue. But my optimism made him ashamed of his actions, and he paid extra for the inconvenience.
Pavel, 24 years old

Customers are surprised when I refuse to transport something bulky. But I know my motorcycle and am able to securely fasten large loads.
I’ve never let anyone down, delivered everything intact. Once I drove to the factory a large box with parts of structures. Customers doubted that I would take it. But thanks to them for the opportunity, everything went well. Karen, 27 years old

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