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What Does An HR Manager Do?: A Guide

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Professional organizations always look to improve their work environment to improve their employees’ efficiency. For this, they hire human resources professionals to look into the day-to-day functioning of the employees and resolve their issues. These managers are responsible for keeping the work environment safe and productive. Several governments worldwide have made it compulsory to keep the HR position in every office to ensure women’s safety and curb workplace violence.

HR manager is a professional job that requires a degree and certification. Usually, the HR courses are incorporated in the MBA programs because they pertain to workplace management. With the economy on the rise, organizations and corporations are growing exponentially, which has increased the demand for HR managers.

Every office and business requires a competent HR manager to conduct their day-to-day business related to employee support. If you are skeptical about this job and not sure what it entails, here is an article to clear your doubts by listing down the various functions of an HR manager.

Company Hiring

Hiring is an essential part of any business for maintaining a professional workforce. HR managers keep an eye on the openings of the company and look for viable candidates. They sift through applications and screen them thoroughly to determine whether or not they are eligible for the job. Additionally, the HR managers work with the top company officials to note the company’s needs and requirements and devise a hiring strategy accordingly.

These managers determine what campus to visit and the parameters to make the selection. Also, they conduct some initial interviews to filter out the non-serious candidates and only send the best of the lot for further consideration. HR managers are also required to run background checks and professional references on the candidates to ensure that they are safe and eligible for the organization.

Act as a Bridge between Employer and Employee

Professional spheres require grievance redressal and resolution as soon as possible to maintain workplace efficiency. Therefore, HR managers take cognizance of the employees’ grievances regarding workload management, working hours, paid leaves, etc. HRs take up these grievances with the employers and help reach them to an amicable solution that doesn’t hurt anybody.

Conversely, employers are made to understand the value of their employees and the importance of their well-being. HR managers are crucial in avoiding the frictions between employers and employees, which promotes the smooth functioning of the office.

Training and Development 

Hiring is just one aspect of an HR’s job; it also entails training the freshers to make them compatible with the organization. The freshers are provided exclusive seminars and courses, and they are made aware of the company policies and the workplace boundaries. These courses are listed on several career site builder, which can provide an insight into the internship opportunities.

Additionally, HR managers work with the employees to provide them with some additional training and development courses to be polished and start feeling more valuable in the organization. If an employee wants to pursue some extra educational qualifications, he/she has to approach the HR manager for application processing.

Employee Incentivization And Benefits Management

This is one of the complex parts of an HR’s job. An HR manager is supposed to keep a record of the government-mandated employee benefits and ensure that everyone is benefited from them. Benefits like social security, health insurance, etc., must be provided by the corporations, and it is HR’s job to ensure that the employer complies. Additionally, many corporations run incentivization programs to encourage their employees to work with better involvement and efficiency. Such incentivization programs are applicable for some selected employees based on the quality of their work. The HR manager keeps an eye on all the employees to pick out the beneficiary of a voluntary employee benefits scheme. 

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