28.10.2022 19:50

Transfer an Asset From one Metaverse to Another (free)

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Friends, hello! 
The connection of crypto wallets to the QUASA NFT application has been implemented. 
If you use mobile to connect to crypto wallets, then you probably know that 90% of mobile applications work crookedly. They don’t connect well to crypto wallets or don’t connect at all, and you can only work from the web version. 
There are no such problems in QUASA NFT
QUASA NFT is the company's first product and the first application that breaks the boundaries between the metaverses. 
Before QUASA NFT, it was very difficult or impossible to transfer an asset from one metaverse to another. 
Each metaverse is like its own garden, surrounded by a fence and not letting anyone in and not letting it in. 
But... now we've found a solution. 
You can take an NFT from one metaverse, in the QUASA NFT application, make a dynamic NFT from the original NFT for free and place it in another. 
It may seem a bit complicated right now, but just think about the possibilities. Quasa NFT breaks the boundaries between different metaverses.

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