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Top Smart Home Technology to Consider When Moving to a New Place

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Picking out the tech you want in a new home is often not easy due to the large number of available options. So, we’ve put together a guide on the top smart home technology to consider when moving to a new place!

Smart Home Security Devices

Security products are some of the best smart home technology to consider when moving to a new place. Nowadays, it’s possible to get a ton of cool new tech that ensures the safety of your home. However, we personally recommend that you go for Nest Home Security devices:

  • Google makes the devices; thus, they are backed by a well-known name with assured quality.
  • Since the devices come from the same source, integrating them together is extremely easy, especially if you get a Google Nest Smart Home Hub.
  • The array of products on offer is truly comprehensive!

You can get Nest cameras, smart locks, smart doorbells, and a host of other devices that can ensure your family’s utmost safety. All while shopping from a single source and easily collating the costs of your smart home device investments.

Smart Home Technology For Water Monitoring

Water monitoring devices are the second category of smart home technology to consider when moving to a new place. The whole point of these devices is to prevent leaks and pipe problems. Three types of devices are under this category: smart leak detectors, smart water valves, and smart water monitors.

Leak detectors and water monitors have a similar goal. However, while leak detectors only react when a leak actually happens, the monitors use advanced tech to monitor the state of your pipes and can predict leak risks. Smart water valves can be paired with others to automatically turn off your home’s water due to a leak. They also let you turn the water off and on using a paired smartphone app. Just like you would invest in moving insurance to ensure the safety of your valuables, these devices are your best insurance against water damage in your home.

Smart Lights To Brighten Up Your Home

Smart lights have recently become one of the most beloved additions to a smart home. And there’s an excellent reason why the lights are such a success! They can automatically adjust for ambient light levels, saving you power while allowing you to have the perfect illumination level in your home. In addition to this, smart home lights can be freely manually adjusted using the paired app for them. And you can even control them using voice commands, so you’ll never have to stumble through a dark room looking for the light switch ever again! In fact, if that’s what you prefer, if you pair them up with sensors, you can set them up to turn on automatically when you walk into a room. Pair this with some of the smart home techs for the bedroom, and you’re on your way to a truly luxurious home.

A Smart Thermostat To Pair With Your HVAC System

A smart thermostat has only become a fixture of smart home technology to consider when moving to a new place. The usefulness of having one is just too great, especially since it can even help you save money! Using a smart thermostat, you’ll never have to deal with your home being too hot or warm again. This is because the thermostat does not just keep your home at a stable temperature. It can also be linked up with sensors or other smart weather-tracking devices to account for the temperature outside. With all this data, the thermostat can collate the most optimal temperature for your home according to your set parameters. This will keep your home perfectly comfy no matter the temperature shifts throughout the day. And this is not a convenience a lot of people are willing to pass up!

Smart Mirrors For Extra Functionality

Among the interesting new additions to smart home tech are smart mirrors such as the Capstone Touch Screen Smart Mirror. These mirrors are far past a simple decoration or reflective service. When they are not in use, they are thoughtful and unobtrusive, so it can be hard to spot them as devices. However, when activated, they can play music, browse the internet, or even watch films and videos. In other words, they are more or less large iPad-like devices that camouflage as regular household objects. And, as the storage experts from Verified Movers can attest, they are easy to store and care for as standard mirrors! This makes them hardy, valuable pieces of tech that you can seed around your home for quick and easy internet access.

A Solid, Smart Home Hub

A solid smart home hub is the final piece of smart home technology to consider when moving to a new place. Your smart home hub is supposed to link all the other devices in your home and offer you a convenient way to control them. To this end, we do not recommend Google or Apple hubs. Instead, one of the best picks is the Aeotec Smart Home Hub. This hub is unique because it has the highest compatibility level with all the different smart home devices. And that it’s a successor to Samsung’s smart home hub, which is no longer in production. The hub can use Samsung’s SmartThings, one of the best smart home hub software pieces. This, along with the relatively low cost of the device, makes it the perfect smart home hub pick.

Making A Smart Home Of Your Own

With our list of the top smart home technology to consider when moving to a new place, you can make a perfect smart home setup for your family! Just remember that making a smart home takes a bit of planning due to the project’s cost. So, do not just rush to purchase everything at once! Budget carefully, and you’ll have everything set up in no time.

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