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Top Product Ideas for Technology-Based Small Businesses

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If you’re a small business owner in the technology industry, your opportunities are endless. Technology is ever-changing, and humans are relying more and more on their devices as time goes on.

Here are some of the top product ideas for your technology-based small business that your customers are bound to love.

Top Product Ideas for Technology-Based Small Businesses

1. Phone Cases

Almost everybody has a mobile phone nowadays. That’s why your phone cases are the perfect product for any technology-based business to sell. They are affordable to buy in bulk and you can easily create multiple designs.

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Consider those who have Samsung phones and iPhones so you aren’t limiting your audience. Stock up on Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Cases as well as iPhone 11 and 12 cases, so you have something for everyone.

2. Bluetooth Photo Printers

Gone are the days of buying a disposable camera I’m getting your photos printed at the shop. Instead, people now invest in Bluetooth photo printers.

They work by pairing with people’s phones via Bluetooth and allowing them to immediately print out their favourite images on special photo paper. These are the perfect item to stock in your shop because people love bringing their memories to life through printed photos.

3. Wireless Speakers

As a technology-based small business, you can’t go wrong with wireless speakers. You could invest in speakers of all sizes, including large surround-sound options or small shower speakers. People are always looking for easier ways to listen to their music, especially wire-free ways!

4. Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Robots really are taking over the world! Many companies are now offering robotic vacuums that can navigate through a room without needing human intervention.

They are still a fairly new invention, so as a small technology-based business, you can jump on the trend before it grows even bigger. Robotic devices are only going to be used more and more in people’s homes, so get in there early and make those sales.

5. Cameras and Camera Accessories

From complete beginners to amateurs to professional photographers, so many people choose to invest in high-quality cameras. By stocking up on professional cameras, you can reach a huge audience.

If you can offer cameras of different tech complexities. You want to ensure that the beginners have an easy-to-use option, whilst the professionals can shop through the more expensive cameras that possess a bunch of fancy features.

You could also offer camera accessories. This could include different lenses, camera caps, camera bags, and tripods. It might be a good idea to offer bundles or discounts if people purchase the accessories alongside the new camera. This is a perfect way to upsell.

6. Laptops and Laptop Accessories

Many people rely on their laptops, whether they use their devices for professional or personal use.

Although these products are expensive to stock, there is always going to be a demand for laptops. With millions of laptops being sold every year, you won’t struggle to sell them.

As with your cameras, you could offer additional accessories for people to buy alongside their laptops. This could include laptop cases or covers, chargers, external hard drives, and much more.

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