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Top Hypothetical Technologies Witnessed At CES 2023

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Various tech industries and reputed tech savvies were hyped with the yearly event – CES2023 launched at Los Vegas in Jan 2023.

Acer, Samsung, Apple, AMD, Asus, BMW and a limitless number of companies have showcased future-revolutionized innovations with world-changing ambitions and making consumer’s lives easier.

Here’s a brief glimpse of innovations marked at CES 2023 event:

  • Acer at CES 2023 showed next-generation laptops; the Aspire linethe Swift line, and predator & nitro announcements. Also, a whole-new smart speaker named “the halo swing” launched.
  • AMD at CES 2023 delivered a keynote presentation about their new segment release of RX 7000 mobile GPUs that centered around top-end gaming laptops.
  • Asus also showed their newly launched “new Zenbook models” all featuring the latest intel and Nvidia chips along with an OLED display. Some new inventions came for ROG lineups with some seriously high-spec laptops, a 540Hz gaming monitor, an intelligent Aim Lab mouse, and an immersive 75% keyboard with an OLED display.
  • BMW at CES 2023 event exceptionally amazed everyone with its launch of a future car with color-changing concept called the BMW i Vision Dee.
  • Intel at the tech innovation platform, showed off its 13th Gen Intel mobile hardware, including the first-ever 24-core laptop CPU.

5 Upcoming and Futuristic Gadgets & Innovations

1. Wire-Free OLED TV

LG pushes its legacy of tech innovation by bringing evolution in OLED technology. The company unveils the latest OLED panel (3rd generation) with META technology to support future-tech concepts.

They call it future TV as an almost completely wire-free TV that could stream content from a zero-connected media box, with astonishing 2K-nit brightness.

2. Samsung Device That Fold, Slide, Bend, and Fold

LG OLED TV CES 2023Samsung’s legacy relies on next-generation tech innovation. Samsung moved beyond the present and using CES 2023 press conference unveils ‘the Flex Hybrid’ device that fold, slide, and shape-shift.

Thanks to a slidable and foldable design, the display can shift between 10.5 inches and 12.4-inch screen size.

It’s more amazing to feel than its predecessor Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip.

3. TCL’s RayNeo X2 AR Glasses

TCL made it possible! After practicing for a year-long, the company showed a demo at CES 2023 of its new and next-generation RayNeo X2 AR Glasses that are capable of translating conversations in real-time.

The company’s innovation is gently making its foot into virtual reality devices. The RayNeo X2 AR glasses are officially not released. However, it will be released to the developer community at the end of the first quarter of 2023. For the public, it would take a long time and might be expected to be seen in 2024.

4. Loovic’s Wearable Neckband

It’s usual that we hold our smartphones and look frequently to get directions or navigate anywhere.

But now may it’s no more. Loovic, a Japanese startup company promises hands-free directions for navigating anywhere.

The device is much similar to any studio headphones when not in use, it hangs around your neck and provides audio and tactile directions for reaching a destination without looking at your phone at once.

5. Sony and Honda’s Afeela Concept Car

Sony partnered with Honda, together rolling out its new now-called Afeela concept car. Sony at the world’s biggest tech-festival CES 2023 stage announced that they are working with Honda under a company called Sony Honda company to bring Afeela on roads by 2026.

The Afeela concept car features 45 sensors, new-age digital technology, and an intriguing design to offer consumers a whole-new vehicle experience. They also stated at the conference that they are accepting pre-orders for the Afeela concept car by 2025.

All this perseverance for innovation will shape a better lifestyle.

The mentioned hypothetical technologies will soon take off as their glimpses or prototype have been released at CES 2023.

Being said, let’s wait a few years to experience them in reality. Share your thoughts on the same.

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