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Top Cyber Security Threats

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We are breathing in the year 2022, witnessing infinite virtual inventions which are making our lives convenient. Thanks to internet technology, where everything is just a click away.

With the ever-increasing technological and online inventions, cyber-threats are also emerging at a rapid pace.

Online users cannot stop using the internet, what they can do is to know what to look for. In this guide, we will talk about the potential cyber security threats that internet users will experience this year.

Also, we will reveal all the possible solutions that can help businesses and internet users to stay at bay from constant cyber-attacks.

In this age, it’s essential to stay protected from unexpected cyber attacks. Cyber attacks are constantly hitting users’ security and these attacks are expected to grow more this year.

Organizations that follow a pre-active approach, are planning to maintain online data security. According to Gartner.com, in 2022, the worldwide expense alone for cyber security is going to reach $133.7 billion.

This figure exhibits the importance of a secure online environment that organizations are trying to achieve in order to stay safe from possible data loss and other cyber security threats.

Now, we will take a detailed look at the top cyber security threats which businesses and ordinary users should be aware of.

These are the Top Security Threats to look for in 2022

  1. IoT-Based Attack
  2. Phishing Attack
  3. Cloud Hacking
  4. Artificial Advertisement

Here’s everything that you need to know about IoT-Based Attacks

IoT-based attacks are increasing because such attacks are easy to do. IoT attack is all about hijacking anyone’s smart devices that are connected to the internet.

For example, a hacker may attack Wi-Fi enabled speakers and can take control over the entire network.

These kinds of cyber attacks are easy for hackers because most businesses and home users often overlooked the security of internet-connected smart devices.

How to Prevent Iot-Based Attack

One possible solution to prevent IoT-based attack is to keep a record of every internet-connected device along with their operating system.

Moreover, keep strong firmware protection for all the internet-connected devices. Business must frequently update the firmware.

A VPN router is also highly recommended to protect every device that is connected with the internet. In this way, no hacker can track or attack smart devices at home or office.

What is Phishing Attack and how can you thwart it

phishing attack is one of the most common and severe cyber attacks. In a phishing attack, a cyber-criminal creates a fake email or text to gather private user information including, email address, password and credit card credentials.

Such attacks are very risky and can take away all your money without letting you know. These attacks can easily demolish your entire business systems.

Phishing attacks are very common because they are very cost-effective for cyber criminals, but give them a great return in terms of money.

Thankfully, there are some ways to prevent phishing attacks on a higher level. The best solution for businesses is to enable the custom anti-phishing solution to identify suspected email addresses.

Other than that businesses must offer training sessions to employees to let them know where to use credentials. In addition to that companies must limit the access of employees on business systems.

What is Cloud Hacking and the Possible Prevention’s

A number of businesses consider cloud storage as the best way to protect sensitive data however, shifting your data to the cloud is not the safest way.

According to Capitalone.com, the biggest data breach occurred in 2019, in which a hacker tracked servers of the third-party cloud-computing partners.

The cloud computing trend continues to grow in 2022, therefore, we can definitely consider it as a cyber security threat.

The possible solution to prevent cloud hacking is to seek assistance from best cloud application management solutions plus, connect to a VPN with strong encryption protection.

Artificial Intelligence can also be a cyber threat

Artificial intelligence is a smart technology, serving very well, but it can be a threat. Cybercriminals can use it for their advantages. AI in the wrong hands could increase phishing attacks through its intelligent and robust machine learning.

Effective security strategies and smart use of machine learning technologies can help business against possible AI phishing attacks in real-time.

Wrapping Up

We have mentioned all the top cyber security threats which businesses could expect to experience this year. However, robust security strategies and proactive approach will prove to be a surefire way to stay safe against the top cybersecurity threats.

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