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Top Big-Ticket Items to Tackle First When Planning a Wedding

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There are many things that can come together to make the planning of your wedding a rather stressful ordeal. From the amount of money that you are likely going to be spending on the day to the fact that you will be hosting a relatively large number of guests at your reception, it is easy to start to feel overwhelmed even before you begin planning your wedding.

One of the best things that you can do when you start the wedding planning process is to take care of the big-ticket items first. These are the larger details that are really going to set the tone for your event. They are also the things that will likely eat into your budget the most like wedding photographs.

If you have recently begun planning your wedding, here are some of the top big-ticket items that you will want to take care of first before you get to any of the finer details of the day

Your Venue

Most couples find that the first big decision that they make about the day is the venue where the ceremony and reception are to be held. This is also going to be the item that will likely take up the largest portion of your budget.

When choosing a wedding venue, you need to first think about the location of the place as well as how many guests it can accommodate. While most wedding guests are happy to travel a little way for a wedding, you don’t want a venue that is too far out of the way. If you are planning a larger event with 300 or more guests, then your options might be fairly limited.

Lastly, remember that most good venues book up fast, so if you are working with a shorter timeline, you need to get your venue booked as quickly as possible.

The Entertainment

Another big-ticket item that you will want to figure out relatively early on in the planning process involves the entertainment for the day. If you want live music for your ceremony and a band at your wedding, you will need to start researching options sooner rather than later. 

On the other hand, you might simply want a DJ to play your music at your wedding. Since good entertainment gets booked up quickly, waste no time in finding the right DJ for your event.

The Food

Aside from the venue, you will likely be spending the next largest percentage of your budget on your catering. Food and drinks for a wedding reception can cost a pretty penny, so if this is a priority for you, it is important to get it checked off your list early.

You will need to find your venue before you choose caterers, though. Many venues have in-house catering or just a shortlist of approved caterers to choose from. Talk to your coordinator at your venue to figure out what your options will be in this area.

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