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Top 9 Gig Economy Strategies to Boost Your Income in 2022

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The Gig Economy is where output and income can be directly correlated. Only you can make this side hustle a steady and lucrative income stream.

You don’t need coworkers or a boss who isn’t worth your time. You are the boss. Here are nine strategies to help you increase your productivity and earn serious income from self-employment.

Top 9 Gig Economy Strategies to Boost Your Income in 2022

1. Wear the Boss Hat More Often

The impact of Covid-19 has a lot more people working from home and being their own boss. Many people are realizing that if you want to be your boss, you need to be the boss.

You’re cheating yourself of a nice payday if you think “how much work can I do while still keeping my job.” Be the boss. Recognize areas where you are not meeting your expectations and fix them.

2. Have Clearly Defined Work Time

When you work, you decide. But if you leave that decision loosely defined, you feel little urge to work at any given time.

You won’t get much done if you don’t have the drive. This can lead to productivity problems and a loss of potential income.

3. Set a daily goal

Identify what most essential tasks to accomplish today before beginning work. My daily goal is a dollar amount. This helps me to have a steady income and allows me to identify when I’m not being productive.

4. Take Real Breaks

Working in the Gig Economy can seem like any hour is a vacation. This can lead to burnout, and eventually poor health.

Do not spend your time doing the same activities as before. If your job requires you to research topics online to create content, then the last thing that you want to do is spend your break lost in the internet.

Go for a walk or do yoga while you brew your coffee. Or fold the laundry. Even doing the housework during your breaks can give your mind the time it needs to recharge.

5. Get More than You Think!

It’s not your goal to exceed your goal every day. At least once per week, increase your goal to see what is possible. Do not fall for the trap of believing you are already making the maximum amount.

6. Make a To Do List

My to-do lists are added to my calendar. We space each task according to how long it will take me from experience. Throughout the day, we get reminders about tasks that are due shortly.

We can stay on track if I stick to my calendar. We usually stay ahead of the due dates.

7. Don’t be stingy about your time

The Gig Economy allows you to see why “Time is Money” and how you can get the most from it.

Be generous with your family and children. Make time for them. Be careful not to be stingy about activities that are time-consuming and have no net benefits.

Some mobile extensions and apps can dramatically reduce the time required to complete a task. Explore how technology can make it easier to do more with less.

While some of these tools can slow you down temporarily, others will allow you to do more with less. They can increase productivity and your money-making potential.

8. Track your Time

You should know how long it takes you to complete certain tasks, even if the time is not always the same. These estimates can be used to streamline repetitive tasks and create a more precise daily schedule. Don’t be discouraged if it takes longer than expected. It’s inevitable.

9. Identify Time Wasters

Time wasters can be anything that distracts you from your work, even if it’s unplanned. These may be called breaks but they don’t work as breaks.

Do not underestimate productivity killers such as watching YouTube videos, using social media and reading blog posts.

These aren’t necessarily bad things. They are something that we all do. It’s how you do them that is the problem. Something usually becomes a trigger for this bad habit.

You’re stuck on something and are working on it. You then click on a link and you are gone.

You could be wasting your time or it may only last a moment.

This could have become a routine and you might feel emotional or physical discomfort if it isn’t broken. It can be difficult to get out of a rut. It’s not easy to break a habit. But, once you are aware, you can control your time.

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