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Top 8 Secrets for Health and Healing for 2022

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This is a story by Amelia Scott. My experience as an acupuncturist was extensive. I worked with clients for the greater part of 20 years. It was a blessing to be able to help so many interesting and lovely people. I also felt fortunate to learn something from each client I met.

As a writer, I’ve been able to share some of the secrets and nuances of Chinese medicine, as well as many insights on health and healing. They are my secrets but there are some well-known insights. Even the most obvious, I share them because I have seen them in action and understand their power.

The Top 8 Secrets for Health and Healing for 2022

Here are some of the most important lessons I have learned from my clients about healing and good health.

1. Unless you make changes to the things that cause you pain, you won’t be able to heal completely

This is true whether you have a funky diet, an overwhelming lifestyle, too much work, or a stressful relationship. Chinese medicine is very effective as it pinpoints what’s causing you to be sick. This often comes from unexpected sources and can point you in the right direction for positive change.

2. Listen to your body

Your body will send you signals when something is wrong long before you get sick. These messages will become louder if you ignore them. After a series of polite but ignored messages, your body’s loudspeaker is likely to be illness.

3. Your emotions are a key to your health

According to the Chinese, your emotions are responsible for 100 diseases. I have found this true. Anger, depression, fear, and anxiety, as well as intense longing and anger, can all have a negative impact on your health. This can lead to symptoms such as digestive problems and skin conditions.

4. Aging is a state of mind

People in my clinic who were in their 60s and appeared very old have been some of my patients. However, I have also seen many 80- and 90-year-olds who appeared younger and more vibrant than their age.

What is the difference? The difference? People who age well love life. They get out of the house, are active, volunteer, and have things to do.

They have had difficult lives and have health issues. Despite their difficulties, people who age well stay engaged, active, and positive despite their advanced years.

5. There is no magic bullet to better health

There have been hundreds of articles and ads for miracle foods and supplements that can cure all diseases. This has a few problems.

First, there is no single food, supplement, or diet which can cure all ailments.

Second, everyone on this planet is unique and special. This means we all have different needs. One person’s ideal diet may not work for another. You may not need the same supplement or herb that worked well for your friend. There is no magic bullet.

6. One of the best things that you can do for your body is to move it

Chinese medicine has a saying that “Where there is no movement, there’s pain.” There is no pain where there is movement.

Recently, I have heard people claim that motion is lotion.

Exercise can improve your mood, reduce stress, improve your heart health, lower blood pressure, increase your blood flow, and keep your joints and muscles flexible. My clients have transformed their lives by simply adding exercise to their daily routine.

7. Your body is programmed to heal, but sometimes you have to give it a little help

It takes a lot of energy to heal so it is crucial that you get enough sleep and quality sleep. It is important to eat food that promotes healing and decreases inflammation. You should also resist the temptation to rush your recovery. You can reinjure yourself, or have a relapse if you do too much after an injury.

8. Love your body

It is not something you can outwit, overcome or whip into shape. It is the vessel that holds your spirit.
Your spirit, or Shen in Chinese medicine, is located within your heart. It is responsible for your emotions, consciousness, memories, and thoughts.

Your heart is an emotional organ. If you feel sad, send someone a heartfelt message of love or thank them for being there. The heart is the most important organ in the body. This applies to physical, emotional, and spiritual health. The best place to start is to love your body.

And one final secret

It is impossible to learn everything. I am the first to admit that I won’t know everything. I will continue to learn new things, and I allow myself to change my mind and admit mistakes. Doing so will allow me to keep my heart open, at ease, and my body healthy.

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