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Top 6 Quantum Computing Jobs for 2022

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In recent years, quantum computing has been a promising career choice. Experts believe quantum computing could change the world.

It can revolutionize drug discovery, facilitate security code deciphering, and many other capabilities. It is now clear that quantum computing has the potential to solve complex problems, something which was not possible before.

There are many quantum computing jobs that have been created in response to the growing use of quantum computing. Employers are looking for skilled, talented people who can use these technologies to achieve their company’s goals.

We have listed the most relevant quantum computing job openings that you can apply right now:

1. Quantum Analyst

Offered By: Global Talent Pool

Location: Bangalore, India


  • You will need to collaborate with a team of computational biologists and bioinformatics engineers.
  • You will need to develop and deliver new algorithms focused on quantum computing with strongly correlated simulacies.
  • To enable deploymentable solutions, provide a foundation for algorithmic design

Skills Requirement:

  • Demonstrate strong programming skills including Python and C languages
  • Collaboration with an inter-disciplinary team is possible
  • Communication skills that are both written and verbal are essential
  • 2-3 years industry experience


  • Tech or B.E. Tech or B.E. in any related field, including quant Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, and with strong knowledge of quantum computing

2. Head High-Performance Computing

Offered By: Lambda

Location: California (Remote).


  • Create a team capable of designing high-performance and cost-effective clusters and servers for deep learning.
  • Recommend Lambda’s executive group on computer hardware
  • Create new features and products using your ideas
  • Effective collaborations can be established with suppliers and customers.
  • Retain, develop and hire world-class engineers

Skills Requirement:

  • Extensive technical experience in high performance computing
  • Expertise in hiring, retention, professional development
  • Must have practical experience in machine learning
  • You can build strong relationships across all platforms
  • Among many technical skills, you have experience in machine learning and compute infrastructure.

3. Scientist Writer (Quantum Computing and Control).

Offered By: Q–CTRL

Location: United States


  • Documenting and engaging in innovative ways to use QCTRL’s control software to solve critical issues that quantum computers face
  • Clear and easily accessible documentation should be created and reviewed for company products
  • Identify customer needs and challenges and create descriptions
  • Other authors’ documents can be edited, clarified, and proofread. You can also coach non-writers.
  • Collaborate closely and collaborate with multiple teams, including product, quantum professional service, quantum research, etc.

Skills Requirement:

  • Programming experience, particularly Python programming is an asset.
  • Take on diverse challenges and find solutions to complex problems
  • You may be interested in quantum control or quantum information.
  • Interact with customers and communicate well


  • A degree in Physics or another related discipline like engineering or computer science
  • While a Ph.D. is highly desirable, it is not required.

4. Quantum Computer Architect

Offered By: Alibaba

Location: Seattle (USA)


  • Collaborate with colleagues from other areas to develop key solutions for quantum computing architecture. Then prototype and implement them.

Skills Require

  • Passionate about building a quantum computer
  • However, prior experience with superconducting quantum computers is not required.


  • Requires a Ph.D. in Computer Architecture.
  • Strong record in R&D and industrial computer architecture

5. Quantum Computing Researcher

Offer by: PayPal

Location: San Jose (United States)


  • Get involved with senior researchers and other stakeholders to create quantum computing projects that will be meaningful for the PayPal ecosystem
  • To understand business needs, gaps and use cases and to propose a research plan, engage cross-functional and business team members
  • Information security leaders and other stakeholders are invited to present research findings from their projects in order to encourage technology adoption and improve oversight.
  • Ensure that your research plan is executed by increasing technology readiness and producing research outputs like technical white papers and others.

Skills Require

  • Advanced cryptography knowledge in post-quantum cryptography
  • You have a curiosity mind and are open to learning about new security technology areas
  • Ability to work well in a group setting
  • Interessive in deepening domain expertise for real-world security information security principals
  • Programming languages should be well understood


  • Professional or graduate with a Ph.D. in quantum computing, applied math, computer science or related tech

6. Software Developer – Quantum Computing

Offered By: Aquila

Location: Lexington, United States


  • To build, test and maintain software for quantum computers, Will need to collaborate with a group of researchers
  • In order to enhance the capabilities of superconducting quantum processors, you can interact with experts in superconducting qubit design, fabrication, measurement, and theory.
  • Software to control quantum computers can be built, tested, and maintained.
  • Documenting code and communicating with the experimental team

Skills Require

  • Proficiency in Python or another object-oriented programming languages
  • Expertise in automated analysis and large data sets
  • Experience in machine learning protocols
  • Effective communication with technicians and staff


  • A bachelor’s degree is required in addition to a master’s in the relevant field.
  • Willingness to go through a thorough background investigation and keep government-issued clearance

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