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Top 6 Business Ideas for A Small Start-Up In 2022

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The planning for shifting from your regular nine to five job concepts is relatively easy to implement in 2022. The concept of the small business is growing significantly faster in 2022.

Before the technological growth of communications, small business planning was a little trickier to implement. Establishing a small business is becoming easy and less costly for technological growth.

For the very beginning, the starting of the home-based cooking business is easy, and many business entrepreneurs are starting to question how to start a food business from home in India?

But now, there is no need to help others as the online marketing strategy is growing rapidly.

6 Top Business Ideas for A Small Start-Up Business In 2022

A small business establishment is becoming easy as digital marketing and online line business ideas are growing rapidly. If you have a penny as the first investment in your business, then this is also possible to take a step to do your own business and become your own boss.

Here are the top six business ideas which you can apply to start a small business.

1. Handyman Business

Are you interested in fixing the different household items or having a small craftsman shop, and during the pandemic, your store remains closed for the whole year?

Then this is the perfect idea for you. Most of the handymen are offering their services in the neighborhood, and they are taking care of the civil construction-related jobs and the different types of repairing jobs.


  1. Household repairing and maintenance jobs are looked after by the handyman.
  2. The pipe repairing and the construction-related repairing jobs are the main operational areas of the handymen.
  3. You can do the garden repair works also.

2. Freelance Writer

Writing is one of the passions. Freelance writers are making good money out of online projects and if you are a technical writer, then writing the technical documents is also a good way to start your small writing farm.

You can even create your personalized website and start blogging.


  1. Freelancing writing does not mean that you have to write a poem or a big story, even if you can start your journey by writing a cv or technical assignments.
  2. If you have writing skills, then start to pick the small assignments to start your business.
  3. The editorial works are also a very good start to make some out of it.

3. Career Consultant

Online career consultancy is another way to start your business. Online career consultants are in high demand. You can enlist your name in any job portal or have prior experience doing career consultancy.


  1. If you have any subject expertise, then start giving the demonstration with the subjects over the internet.
  2. The career consultant’s job is to analyze the client’s area of interest and then guide them towards the proper career path.

4. Photographer

Photography is a very passionate hobby, but in 2022, you can turn your hobby into your business. If you are more of a hobby maker by photography, this is the perfect business where you can maintain your passion and earn some money out of it.


  1. Many websites are offering money in return for the different images and wildlife photography.
  2. Or you can start to add your clicking images to your social media profiles. By doing these, you can start your own business by selling the images.

5. Makeup Artist

The online makeup videos are really in high demand in 2022. As the makeup artist and the fashion designers are all making their social media profile as attractive as possible. If you are passionate about makeup. Then choosing the makeover business is easy and more profitable.


  1. The personal makeup artist is in high demand for any type of photoshoot.
  2. If you want to check your popularity level or the viewer’s attention, then start posting your makeup tutorial online.
  3. The viewers are getting more interested in the video and the live makeup tutorial, so if you want to teach the viewers about makeup tricks, then this business will also start to grow.

6. E-commerce Business

The e-commerce-based business or you can enlist your name as the e-commerce site’s storage keeper, is the most profitable business in 2022. Even you can earn from the online advertisements of the e-commerce websites, just like the amazon bounty program. You can earn a fixed amount by the amazon advertisements from the amazon bounty program.


  1. You can start to sell your products on online e-commerce-based platforms.
  2. If you have someplace to store the products of the e-commerce-based websites, then you can enlist your name as the storekeeper.
  3. Even you can start to deliver the products and take full responsibility for the storage of the products.

Bottom Line

Being an entrepreneur is not a very tough job to make your dreams come true. But the proper planning and choosing the perfect target is making a huge change in the business. You get to find millions of new business ideas, but when you are planning to choose one among these. Then choose the business idea which causes you the most interest.

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