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Top 5 Reasons Your Own Website is Killing Your Sales

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More people than ever are shopping online. In 2021, e-commerce retail sales equated to 14.1% of global sales and by 2040, 95% of purchases are expected to come from e-commerce.

Here are five reasons your own website is killing your sales.

Clearly, there’s never been a better time to sell online

But, there are a whole lot of elements to take into consideration when it comes to really making sales. Having a new website is significant, however it will not guarantee you are going to have a prosperous business enterprise.

Your site is possibly the first belief customers have of your own brand. It showcases your spine story, your eyesight, and your general product lineup.

However if your earnings are not just setting the e-commerce business on fire, it may be time for you to make a couple alterations.

Not getting as many sales as you’d hoped? Here are 5 reasons why your website may be having a negative impact.

Your website isn’t mobile responsive

61.51% of the planet’s population own a cell phone — that is around 4.78 billion individuals. From 2021, purchases made by cellular are called to be worth $3.56 trillion.

With more customers using their mobile to study products, find out about companies, and also make purchases, your site should deliver it is A-game, and provide a fantastic user experience.

Let’s say you are interested in getting a pair of golf clubs. You visit Google with your telephone, locate a shop selling your ideal collection, but the site does not conform to cellular displays.

What exactly are you going to perform? My very best bet is that you are likely to click off fairly sharpish.

To protect against losing potential clients, your site ought to be responsive to display dimensions, load fast, and supply a great user experience.

How to fix:

  1. Shift to a responsive design, based on a fluid/stackable grid pattern. This will ensure your content resizes no matter what screen size is used.
  2. Consider image sizing in your CSS. Alternatively, if you’re using a different URL for mobile, upload smaller product images instead.
  3. Contemplate touch screen elements for tablet and smartphone devices.

Your website is too slow

No one likes to wait. In reality, 40 percent of individuals leave a site if it takes 3 minutes or longer to load.

It is not only clients a slow site can have an effect on. As per a rate study by Google, your bounce rate declines for each and every second your site requires to load.

Were you aware that slow internet pages influence your search rank along with the price per click of your Google ads? So, how do you win more than clients and search engines by boosting your website speed?

How to fix:

  1. Utilize quick hosting. Quick, dependable hosting is critical for any e-commerce website, particularly if you’re experiencing high traffic or trades. Have a look at constraints on memory and bandwidth when you opt for a host.
  2. Reduce HTTP requests. The more elements a website has, such as scripts and images, the longer HTTP requests are created, producing your site take more time to load.
  3. Blend your documents. Even though CSS, JavaScript, and HTML documents are significant, minifying them to remove unnecessary code and whitespace will decrease their size to create your site quicker.

Your SEO is lacking

Maybe not becoming many people seeing your shop ? Maybe SEO is having a direct effect. Great search engine optimization techniques put you farther upward in search engine results, sending more customers to your site.

SEO can take some time to execute and thus don’t expect changes to happen overnight. But with the appropriate methods, you might want to rely on paid advertisements.

How to fix:

  1. Be smart with keywords. Do your own research to find out what potential clients are looking for. Bear in mind, when employing keywords to articles, prevent stuffing them.
  2. Target neighborhood SEO. If you are a small company, neighborhood SEO is vital.
  3. Utilize search-engine Search Engine Optimization Methods. Make the most of optimizing meta names and headings with key words. Optimize your URLs together with your main keywords and phrases.

Your site isn’t secure

Creating sure your site is protected increases confidence and credibility as a respectable organization. After all, you want your clients to return to you, and disperse great reviews about you through word of mouth.

What can you do if your shop is lacking the security it requires?

How to fix:

  1. Receive an SSL Certification. Ensure that you track your certification without having it perish on you, allowing your site vulnerable. It’s possible to utilize Sematext to monitor this at no cost.
  2. Condition your refund policy to boost confidence. A crystal clear refund policy not just motivates users to trust your business, but in addition, it can improve sales by boosting consumer confidence in your own brand.
  3. Show your contact info. You might not have a physical shop, but clients still must learn how to get hold of you for complaints or inquiries. Make it simple for them by employing a particular contact type, email address, or telephone number.

Your site is hard to navigate

A visually pleasing layout is not everything, but it will form the very first impressions of your company and improve consumer experience. It merely takes 0.05 seconds to get an individual to choose if they are likely to remain on your site or not.

If you’d like visitors to stick around in your site long enough to navigate your services or products, then you must enhance your user experience.

How to fix:

  1. Utilize clear navigation using a search bar. Avoid confusion by putting the main links in the start and end of the navigation to make it much easier for people to see them. Organize your offerings in groups so users can quickly find what they are looking for.
  2. Use transparent product pictures. Not only will you improve confidence, but you are going to raise conversions also!
  3. Boost your landing page. Consider where consumers are coming from and tailor them. As an example, if you are running a Facebook advertisement with a 20 percent off coupon, ensure that your landing page cites the reduction. Additionally, it is very important to regularly examine your landing page to enhance conversions.

Improve your conversions by continually analyzing your website

If you are trying hard to earn sales, do not sit around waiting for things to change.

Obtaining your e-commerce site to where you need it to takes some time. However, using the right procedures, you are able to significantly increase earnings.

Use our tips as a starting point and assess your site on a consistent basis to maintain improvements on the way.
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