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Top 5 Apps to Digitally Transform Your Business Processes

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Can you count how many productive hours you can lose due to the manual work process? In an automated process, you can save those hours and be more efficient. The paper-based system can be costly too and ineffective when it comes to authenticating data. Complex and time consuming that create a legacy. So, in every angle digital transformation of your business process becomes a dire need. Besides such transformation is no more a difficult task, rather you can do it within a day. Here is the list of top 5 apps to transform your business process digitally.

Visitor Track – Visitor Management Application


Visitor Track is the cutting-edge visitor management application.This application will digitize your visitor management process. This robust app comes with both mobile and desktop versions and provides the fastest way for the visitor to check-in and check-out. Using this application, you can, identify visitors using their biometrics, blacklist intruder if needed and restrict their further entries, check visitor data on the go, provide digital badges to the visitor and can save your administrative cost on printing them, and generate reports for important decision making. Visitor Track takes less than a minute for a secured check-in and uses cutting-edge biometric technology which is nearly impossible to forge.

CircleCare – Employee Wellness App

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CircleCare is an employee wellness application. Instead of reaching each of your employees for a performance review and motivation, CircleCare makes it easy for employers to motivate them using digital tools.

This amazing platform brings everything in one place using which employees can see all the updates, know who needs motivation and who needs support.

Not only that, Using CircleCare, employers can motivate employees, rewards them for being healthy, send kudus and recognition badges, share tips for their personal and professional growth and can share their thoughts that create bonding beyond the company boundaries. 

Fleet Manager – Vehicle Management Application


Fleet Manager is the app to digitize your vehicle management application. Fleet Manager simplifies all the complex fleet management tasks. Using Fleet Manager you can perform the remote inspection, manage drivers profile, manage fleet reservation procedure faster than ever before. Fleet Manager brings all the fleet management tasks in a single platform which becomes more easy to manage and maintain.

Simple CMMS – Computerized Maintenance Management Software


Sudden breakdown won’t be an issue anymore in your manufacturing area.

Simple CMMS a computerized maintenance management software can resolve this issue so easily. Using this software you can get immediate notification when an emergency so that you can take prompt decisions.

Additionally, with Simple CMMS you can monitor multiple locations from a single platform, the system will update you with the updated information no matter where you are located. You can check the overall report at the end of the month or a specific date so that everything goes perfect and seamless. Simple CMMS will reduce the possibilities of high priced downtime and unexpected shutdowns. It will additionally increase labor productivity, avoid manufacturing scrap and rework and help to gain industrial compliance.

Asset Tracker – Asset Management Application

Asset Tracker is an asset management application to digitize your asset management process. Using such an application you can get all the information in a single platform. It simplifies complex management work. Using Asset Tracker you can check the asset history, asset repair checklist, repair history, detail of the custodian, receive issues regarding assets, take immediate action and get the report at the end of the month or a specific period of time. The best part of Asset Tracker is, you can customize it fully without any technical help. 

So, are you equipped for the digital ride of your enterprise operation? This will speed up your business operation and will take your business to a different level.

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