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Top 3 Cloud-Based Platforms for Your B2B Business

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When it comes to sky-high popularity—not to mention profitability—you can’t do much better than the cloud. According to Gartner’s predictions, cloud-based services will grow to $331.2 billion within the next year. That’s a good reason to start leveraging the wide range of cloud tools available for small businesses. Here are three cloud-based platforms for your B2B business.

Top 3 Cloud-Based Platforms for Your B2B Business

Of course, startups and modestly sized firms already use cloud technology in various ways. However, many dabble rather than fully jumping into the cloud. The “dabbling-reasons” vary. Some companies prefer using legacy systems linked to an in-house server.

A business may worry about ownership of and accessibility to proprietary, confidential information. Still, more businesses wonder if their money is better spent elsewhere.

The global Move to Work at Home

These principal concerns are not invalid. But, they do not negate the advantages of cloud-based tools, particularly for distant working groups. A lot of workers have moved into telecommuting standing — on a part-time foundation. The remote employee might be a part of this landscape for the long haul.

Less Anxiety to Get My Stuff

Having the ability to get cloud-based platforms from anyplace alleviates stress levels and creates cooperation breezy. Reputable cloud businesses have well-considered security steps in place to safeguard against electronic breaches. Additionally, with subscription prices, cloud-based SaaS solutions may wind up paying for themselves in regained productivity.

Cloud-Based, a Must for B2B Businesses

Which cloud tools belong in your tech stack? Below are three leaders making industry waves that you might want to consider.

1. Walnut (for sales)

It is hard enough to remain competitive for top sales professionals without sacrificing time on redundant tasks. That is why cloud client relationship management (CRM) systems have grown in popularity.

High-powered CRMs can perform everything out from auto-populating customer information to creating drilled-down reports. Nevertheless, CRMs are not the only cloud application for gifted sales teams keen to enhance their workflows. Additional options can help round out the numerous tasks vendors perform regularly.

Take real-time product presentations, as an example. Walnut provides sales teams the opportunity to customize merchandise and applications demos without the requirement to code. Team members log in the stage, map out a client presentation travel, and rescue their job.

Since the demonstration’s pre-programmed about the Walnut stage, it works cleanly and predictably each time — allowing companies to become customer-centric within their sales process.

If you aren’t now offering demos, Walnut will be able to help you provide your strongest leads this kind of taste evaluation.

2. Zapier (for marketing)

Besides the revenue division, cloud-based tools belong to each advertising section. Frankly, the cloud has gone awry since the start of digital SaaS choices.

Think about a SaaS instrument to take care of your social networking positioning and listening. Or another alternative that could send emails out en masse that do not feel like unbiased messages.

Sure it can be tough to locate an all-in-one advertising instrument. Consequently, many marketing and advertising staff must fiddle with several logins on various platforms. Extra logins are bothersome and may result in mistakes when transferring information.

Integrations such as Zapier will help. Zapier has the ability to join many different widely used cloud software. You simply pick the automatic”zaps” that activate activities. Like Walnut, nobody should understand a lick of code which is a blessing for non-techy marketers.

3. BamboolHR (for personnel)

Unemployment levels have seesawed suddenly over the last year, turning a buyer’s market right into a vendor’s one. Nevertheless, that does not mean candidates are not anticipating a personalized, luxury encounter. They absolutely anticipate the very best.

What a client need is a smooth process from program to onboarding. Cloud-based HR portals and services specifically designed for upstarts and smaller groups may offer smooth sailing.

A product such as BambooHR has widespread capabilities, including the capacity to rate resumes quickly. Its well-regarded candidate monitoring system enables recruiters to view, at a glance, which applicants are in the hiring process.

After bringing ability aboard, other cloud options can make handling daily HR jobs less time-consuming.

The Clouds Silver Lining

Unless you’re sure your crew’s reached the pinnacle of efficiency — look to the cloud for your best answers.

With SaaS cloud solutions and tools, you’re likely to find sunny solutions that will allow you to make a little rain.

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