14.10.2019 14:46

Today at QUASA, we announced a new pillar of the Quasa platform: Smart Contract Management

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Today at QUASA, we announced a new pillar of the Quasa platform: Smart Contract Management. 

We understand that your on-chain business logic is as important to you as your blockchain infrastructure. So QUASA has delivered another industry first for managed Ethereum private networks - a seamless end-to-end experience allowing you to:
- Develop business logic collaboratively between multiple, independent organizations
- Perform verified compilation, including the use of Truffle Suite for dependency imports
- Auto-generate REST APIs for every contract, on every node in the network
- Verify and audit exactly which lines of code were executed for each transaction
We are also excited to announce providing a solution to scan smart contracts for vulnerabilities and detect issues before deploying.

Adding to our growing suite of verified developer tooling including Truffle Suite, Metamask, Remix, and Open Zeppelin, you now get the best of both worlds: The freedom as a developer to rapidly build, test and integrate.  And the assurance that once you get the certification, audit, and approval from your stakeholders, you know the version of your business logic running in production is provably the same version you tested.

All on the same production and enterprise-grade infrastructure you're used to from Quasa.

How Smart Contract Management Works

Easily manage how smart contracts are deployed and by whom with a complete suite of tools, including contract development, consortia governance/review, user acceptance testing, and deployment to production blockchains.

The smart contract management functionality can be compartmentalized into three main layers: projects, gateways and instances.

The broader feature set leans heavily on the platform’s native REST API Gateway for simplified Ethereum application development and the Kafka backbone for reliable at least once transaction delivery.

Thanks, see you soon!
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