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Tips for Using YouTube to Promote Your Business

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It can be hard for start-ups to stand out in a sea of competitors online. You need to make the most of all channels available to you, especially social media.


YouTube is one of the most visited websites in the world. With a large global audience, a YouTube social marketing strategy can make a big difference to your online success.

YouTube marketing is now more accessible than ever, even though it used to be difficult for start-ups and small businesses.

This blog post will share my top YouTube tips that can help you promote your startup:

Create your YouTube content calendar

It is a good idea to plan your social media content. YouTube, however, makes it a necessity.

You will want to spend more time on content creation and be able to deliver new content consistently. Planning your calendar is the best way to reach these master goals.

First steps

Start by setting goals for your company’s YouTube channel. It is possible that you don’t understand or know the importance of a YouTube channel for your company.

You need to find someone with a vision who can answer your questions and offer ideas. Once you have clear objectives, you can start to come up with content ideas that will support them.

Prior to that, set the posting frequency for your channel. OK, you can only upload one vid per week. Fine. Keep it up and don’t miss your once-a-week offering. Next, do two YouTubes per week. Your subscribers should be able to anticipate new content.

You will see an improvement in your YouTube results if you have control over YouTube’s concept and how you present it.

What videos are you able to create to promote your company? These are just a few suggestions to help you get started.

Product videos:

Product videos are similar to advertisements in a way. These videos promote your product and service by shining a spotlight on it with real people.

Tutorial videos

Tutorial videos are another type of product video that shows how to use the product. Mailchimp posts tutorials on YouTube, as shown in the following link. It’s amazing.

Animated Videos:

Use tools to create animated videos about any topic that you can think of, educational, funny, cute, the history (…),, and so forth.


Listicles creates a “top ten/20/etc” video similar to listicle posts.


Interviews you might consider speaking with thought leaders or social influencers about your topic. However, you should make sure that the lighting and microphones are great for these types of videos.

But, I have seen terrible YouTube videos and done poor interviews. It will still be loved by your audience. These poor ones can be used later for a before-and-after vid.

Instructional/How-to videos:

Just like written blog posts, YouTube can host a lot of educational and how-to videos.

Video marketing tools make it easy to create engaging videos.

It is difficult to create great videos from scratch as a start-up. Not only will you need the resources but also the talent and creativity.

You can’t use talking interviews or other similar videos unless you have the resources. These videos are not the best.

You now have the video marketing tools that can help you do the more difficult, detailed work you need for your company.

These tools will provide you with all the materials (video clips and music) that you need to create a stunning video. It doesn’t take much design experience to create a video. You don’t even need any design experience.

It is now much easier to make videos. This means you can produce more videos in a shorter time period and for less money.

You have many great options for video creation, including:

  • Vyond or Powtoon both offer great options for animators who wish to create funny videos such as explainer videos and how-to videos.
  • Slidely or Wave allows you to create videos with stock video clips, music, and other media. These videos are easy to make and you don’t even need to record anything. Filming is so much fun, you’ll find it hard to resist.

Increase your subscribers and traffic by using end screens.

You can add a call-to-action at the end of your video using the end screens. If they stick around to the end of the video they may want to subscribe or see more of your videos.

These aren’t the only options. End screens promote not only your channel but also your videos/playlists.

It is very simple to set up end screens. Make sure you have at least five seconds of the video left before the end. Follow the YouTube instructions.

To optimize your videos, do keyword research

Video optimization is a key aspect of a YouTube strategy that works. This includes the keywords you use for your video titles and descriptions.

These keywords help YouTube to identify the content of your video so it can be found in the correct search results. This can open you up to a wide audience if you rank for niche keywords.

You can use keyword research to find other video ideas that work that your audience will enjoy.

Start your search by typing a few keywords into the YouTube search engines. You will quickly be able to get a few ideas of what content to create and what long-tail keywords to use in your video headline/description.

To expand your search, you can also use several YouTube keyword tools: Keyword Tool and Keyword Kit.

You can make a list of keywords that you want to target and use these as inspiration for your videos. As I said earlier, you should use these keywords in both your title and description.

To find more opportunities, be more social, and make use of monitoring.

You can use a tool such as Agorapulse to manage your channel. As your account grows, this will become more and more important.

You must stay current in order to improve your YouTube business success. Here are some more suggestions.

  • Respond to your comments promptly
  • Control and pre-moderate offensive remarks
  • Keep track of your YouTube leads and subscribers.
  • Moniter Keep an eye on your brand name on YouTube so you don’t miss any mentions in videos or in comments.

Agorapulse, a social media management software, can help you manage YouTube like other social networks. All your comments will be available in one place. You can also pre-moderate comments to decide whether they should be published or not. You can save replies to reply faster and work with a team to manage them.

YouTube monitoring can be used to track your brand and social CRM to track your subscribers and fans over time.

To get more results, you can repurpose YouTube videos.

Video is very popular on social networks and digital channels. Why not reuse them to continue driving results?

Vids can be re-posted (or edited) at:

  • Your website. or landing pages (for instance, product tutorials can be used on landing pages to increase conversion rates).
  • Add to your blog. This also works well the other way around: If you have a popular blog, you might be able to turn it into a YouTube Video.
  • In marketing emails. videos can increase email open rates and conversion rates. To nurture leads and convert them into customers, use brand and product videos
  • Use your other social channels. To boost your social marketing, optimize your videos for various social media platforms and then share them. You can cut down your videos to make them shorter and then post them. This will increase engagement across all your digital channels without the need to create new content.


YouTube can be an extremely powerful tool for startups and a great way of standing out. YouTube is very accessible, and brands aren’t as likely to use it as other social media networks.

YouTube is a great way to promote your startup. You should try YouTube to promote your startup.

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