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Tips For Creating A Chat Marketing Plan

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Achieving a chat marketing plan that allows you to get involved without being intrusive in your users’ lives seems like an impossible task. A pop-up window that opens to an unknown person is usually not well accepted. It tends to be a double-edged sword between discomfort and acceptance.

Live chat, chatbot, and related messaging tools have enhanced the online shopping experience. They managed to open new and fast communication channels between the buyer and the seller.

The secret to this innovative customer service a technique like video chat, voice chat, text chat marketing goes hand in hand with how the conversation is maintained.

Why should you do a chat marketing plan?

As reviewed by Market Research Magazine Inc., 51 percent of consumers say a business should be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. While younger consumers, aged 18 to 34, report that they regularly use live chat for customer service.

Chatbot and instant messaging are an important source of data. Something you can use to improve your content and understand the relationship between your products and their consumers. For this reason, large organizations and the most powerful brands are opting for this communication strategy. Always in order to generate links between communities and their services.

These are some of the benefits of creating a chat marketing plan so that your business not only attracts more customers, but also becomes a brand they will defend:

A.- It is a direct communication channel with customers

Providing customers with a direct line of communication can simplify the process of answering their questions . Who doesn’t want to save time and money?

B.- Improve sales

Being present when the customer is still wondering whether or not to press the Buy button means to assertively address their concerns, anticipating objections . This tool is an opportunity to make your buyers more confident in their decisions.

C.- It saves you money as a company

Can you pay a person to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Many businesses have call center services, but the expense doesn’t make it a suitable option for all small and medium-sized businesses.

Multitasking is possible with live chat . Support specialists can juggle more than one chat, within reasonable limits. In the same way that many users have several instant messaging conversations going on.

Chat marketing offers a convenient way to answer customer questions outside of normal business hours.

Do you think messages are profitable?

In the culture of instant gratification, users don’t want to wait for a response to their emails. The main ecommerce trends in 2021 indicate that the rise of chatbots combined with automation are the main strategies of winning companies.

Many people have accepted communication from texts as part of their daily life. In fact, according to Gartner studies at the end of 2020, text messages were shown to have response rates of 98% and 45%.

90 percent of the time, a text message is read within the first three minutes of receiving it, so it’s worth the investment to evaluate the conversion.

Some studies indicate that customers who receive text messages from businesses tend to have a 40% higher conversion rate than those who don’t. That’s why it will be useful for you to follow these 10 tips to create an effective and indispensable marketing chat so as not to scare your users:

1.- Make it simple

It’s one of the keys to building an effective chat marketing plan animated explainer video – try to keep communications concise , understandable, and clear . As in life itself, talking too much, being repetitive, and giving long answers can confuse users.

2.- Give it a name

Did you know that you can customize your bot name to suit your brand? Even if it’s a personal brand, you can make it talk and look like you and it will help you in brand perception.

3.- One thing at a time

While multitasking is one of the main benefits of chatbots it is important to either organize your schedule to perform a single task . So it will be time to progressively add features in order not to overwhelm your team. It will also allow communications with your users to be consistent.

4.- Combine Email Marketing and Chat Marketing

With average email open rates above 19% and click rates limited to around 2%, this type of marketing is growing in strength with open rates above 80% and click rates above 30%.

So combining both strategies can be a great plan . It’s as simple as building a list by attracting new leads, nurturing customers, providing them with relevant content, answering their questions, and turning those leads into paying customers. All this in a multi-channel strategy that makes the most of each channel.

5.- Take advantage of the open chat window to create real connections

Unlike email marketing, which tends to focus the conversation on user groups, chat marketing is much more interactive, personalized and conversational.

During the conversation through the chat it is possible, in addition to sending information, to extract personalized content for users. It’s a value-added service for followers that gives you even more control.

6.- Clear communication as human beings, without being informal

One of the most powerful benefits you can get from building an effective chat marketing plan is that it allows you to show yourself as a more spontaneous brand.

Make sure your messages are handled with the same criteria you communicate with your customers in the offline world.

7.- One idea per conversation

Schedule chats to develop a goal that aligns with your brand strategy. It is another of the axes that you should not forget before making a marketing plan in chat.

8.- Remember that it is not a monologue

Chat marketing is two-way communication. Therefore, it offers several reply options to your chatbots to make it a conversation. It includes two response buttons to collect very specific and unquestioning key information .

9.- Attract, don’t sell

A chat open just to sell is unbearable. It’s like when a friend writes to you just for interest. If you use your chat marketing strategy in this way, you will only be seen as spam. It will bore your potential buyer.

So, to create a chat marketing plan, alternate contacts between your customers from time to time with relevant content. Before selling, propose a dialogue to find out where they are in the sales funnel.

10.- A connected conversation

All companies that work start from the positive relationships they establish with their consumers, both loyal and close to the sale. And much of that discussion of how to retain past customers and attract new ones depends on personalization .

The more you make the user feel like you are there to serve them and meet all their specific needs , the more likely they are to become not only a buyer and user of your product or service, but also a brand advocate.

Bonus: a strategy designed according to the needs of your customers

One of the main reasons consumers prefer chat is because they can continue to act on the purchase decision without compromising on time. It is important to understand the context that surrounds your communities , considering that users are now managed through dozens of different stimuli at any one time.

It’s common for users to check their email, reply to an Instagram comment, and send a text message to a friend in seconds. Therefore, it makes a lot of business sense to adapt to that type of lifestyle and present it consistently to your customers.

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