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Things to Add to Your Home Theater

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There is nothing as pleasing as enjoying your favorite movie at home than going to a movie theater. One thing that makes people go to movie halls is its serene and comfortable environment. Since you spend most of the time at home, you can optimize your home theater to give you a theater experience.

If you are researching what to include in your home theater room and looking for renovation tips, below are some of the essential things to do and add to your theater room.

1. Comfy Seats

Comfort is what defines a home theater. Without excellent and comfy seats, you will never get a theater experience. If you are willing to invest in high-quality and comfortable padded theater seats, be sure to break your bank account. The good thing about theater seats is there are multiple options available in the market. However, most of these seats are expensive.

You can either choose seats with thick paddings and flip-up rockers as those of a theater or go with power reclining leather chairs-the choices are varied. You can also go with theater coaches. They have raisers that support theater seating such that your audience is not obstructed while viewing the screen.

2. Sound Control

Unwanted sound from other rooms may ruin the viewing experience. Ambient sound from the kitchen, dishwasher, and kids may crash your home theater’s audio; the first step of controlling this is creating a dedicated space to set your theater. Make the room soundproof by adding a second layer on the walls. Replace parts of a door and make it solid, which also acts as soundproof.

3. Control Light

Light from other sources outside the theater is unnecessary when enjoying a movie. Home theaters need little ambient light to make the experience worth it. Ambient light affects projection images, thus making viewing unenjoyable. If you have uncontrollable ambient light in the theater room, you will need a high lumens rating projector.

Another way to deal with ambient light is choosing a space with minimal light like the basement. If you cannot eliminate it, block the light with shades and blocking curtains.

4. Add an Audio-Virtual Rack

The A/V component rack is the crucial component point for your source. It acts as a central intellect that controls all entertainment activities in the theater. All your source components like home theater tuner, Blu-ray player, Network media stream box, and cable box will function from the rack. The Audio-virtual component rack should be near an electric outlet where you can also bring in an internet wire.

5. Screen or Projector

There is a wide variety of things and options to consider when selecting a screen for your home theater. The most important thing is the room’s dimensions. If the room is shallow, choose a sized screen. But if the room is big and you want to have an actual theater experience, a combination of the screen and projector is the best choice. Remember to equip it with a satellite feed, game console, and Blu-ray player.

While most people prefer a projector in a big theater room, you cannot compare it to a widescreen experience on the wall. A projector works effectively in a darker room as ambient light damages its images. Learn of the perfect lighting condition to use in your theater room with a projector.

You can create your media room to resemble a home theater if you do not have an extra space or basement. Get the right screen that matches your room and black curtains to perform the magic!

6. Control System

This is the final thing to do to make your theater good and authentic. All you have to do is look for an effective way to control all theater systems without depending on your remote control and light switches. Invest in a universal remote that manages the entertainment system and controls the screen.

An extender connects blinds and a light system. A wall panel can connect to the extender and control some of the room’s functionality with a remote. Binding all systems to one control system may not be easy, but it makes theater functionality convenient and most remarkable.

The best way to know what to add to your home theater room to make it more effective and give you the experience of an actual movie theatre is by doing research. The journey of renovating your home theater and adding some necessities is challenging, but it is worth your effort and time.

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