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The Rise of Online Degrees: Are They Worth the Investment?

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In the fight against the infamous Covid-19 pandemic, not only businesses have switched to a remote work format. Student education is no exception. The WHO has recently announced the end of the pandemic emergency, but the popularity of online learning has not diminished. Moreover, it has improved significantly over the past few years. Educational institutions of different levels have improved their systems and approaches to it. Therefore, students and educators continue to choose online as an alternative to traditional one. Accordingly, online degrees are becoming increasingly popular. This often raises the question: are they worth the investment?

Online Education Pros and Cons


  • First of all, it is not tied to a place. Students can study the material from any location. This is convenient if the student is unable to attend lectures or seminars in person. Studying online, students can simultaneously use various online resources to enhance their knowledge. Among them is Edubirdie assignment writing service, which is always ready to provide students with qualified help from professional writers. Thus, students get help and education regardless of their location.
  • Time-independent. This convenience is especially important for those students who have a job or other obligations in addition to their studies. Thus, by studying online, they can do so at a time of day that is convenient for them.
  • Online courses can sometimes be cheaper than traditional ones. At the same time, they can provide no less high-quality education than traditional learning.
  • Those completed the main education but want to deepen their knowledge have an indispensable tool for this purpose. You can always find courses and training that will help you deepen your skills and get new ones. They can be the key to even greater success in your profession.


  • Lack of physical interaction with teachers and other students. There are students who feel somewhat isolated and lose motivation because of this. As we know, motivation is the most important thing in any business. Education is no exception.
  • Online learning requires high self-discipline and self-control from students. Not everyone is able to cope with this if they do not have a clear schedule for attending face-to-face classes.
  • Lack of practical skills that can be acquired in the audience or laboratory. This is especially true when the practical component of a particular education is the most important.

Opportunities and Challenges in Investment in Online Education

One of the biggest challenges associated with investing in online education is the next question. Is distance education good for career? It’s no secret that there is no clear answer to this question. This is because some employers may be skeptical about online degrees. Their skepticism stems from the following belief. Distance learning did not provide students with necessary practical skills in enough quantities. Yet, many employers consider online degrees to be valuable.

So, does distance education have value?

The value of distance education degrees depends on many factors. These include the quality of the curriculum and the reputation of the university issuing the degree. If a university with a well-known reputation and accreditation provides a distance course, its diploma will have weight. Yet, if an online course is offered by an unknown university, its diploma may be less valuable.

Nevertheless, it is worth recognizing that the quality of distance education has improved significantly in recent years. So, many universities now offer high quality online courses.

However, distance learning also has its drawbacks. In particular, it can be less effective for students who need a more personalized approach. In addition, online learning requires students to exercise more self-control, as there are no regular meetings with teachers. Students with bad time management and self-discipline find it difficult to complete a distance course.

It should also be remembered that distance learning is not a panacea for all educational needs. Online learning cannot be effective if you need to practice using the tools frequently and see the entire process in person. Studying to be a surgeon, students need to be present when their experienced colleagues perform operations.

Therefore, it is worth to say the following. Choosing an online education, students need to evaluate its quality and learning requirements. It is worth paying attention to the reputation of the university or platform on which the training takes place. Also, students should first understand whether their future profession can be acquired through distance education only. And then make a choice. It will be useful for students to find out whether the employers they plan to apply to in the future recognize online diplomas. This is the only way they can get the most out of their investment in education.

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