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The #Quasacoin (QUA) crypto-crowdfunding campaign is the first cryptocurrency that brings people together.

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About QUASA project

Logo QUASAThe QUASA platform is being created to solve the biggest problem facing humanity, namely to solve the problem of unemployment, so that people can find a job they love, provide for themselves and their families.

With the move to blockchain and the use of artificial intelligence, QUASA is creating a new environment that will revolutionize our daily work.

QUASA is the starting point for the growth and coordination of the Quasa Chain.

Combining the most brilliant minds in global trade, information security, blockchain, and artificial intelligence, QUASA aims to fix the inefficiencies in a $150 trillion USD industry.

#Quasacoin (QUA) is the first cryptocurrency that brings people together.

Monetization of QUASA services occurs at the last stage of each case of successful completion of the task by any performer in the form of a reward, instantly increasing the demand for QUA tokens.

The use of QUA tokens is a prerequisite for working on the QUASA platform.
Payment for QUA services with tokens allows you to get a 5-10% discount.

Quasacoins (QUA) value is supported by the real services offered by the QUASA platform.

In the QUASA ecosystem, some rewards will only exist in the form of Quasacoins (QUA).
Ultimately, QUASA will roll out the acceptance of QUA tokens as a means of payment on the QUASA subsidiary platforms.Quasacoin token (QUA) is listed on the Uniswap exchange. 

Quasacoin token logoToken Info:

• Name: Quasacoin
• Symbol: QUA
• Supply AIO: 10,000,000 QUA
• Contract Address: 0x4dAeb4a06F70f4b1A5C329115731fE4b89C0B227

QUA is the governance token of the QUASA platform.

AIO crypto auction start and end date

The QUASA AIO crypto auction began on September 7 and will last exactly one month, and will end on October 6, 2021.
The number of QUA tokens for distribution at the auction is limited to 10 million QUA.
The total emission of QUA tokens to be issued by the QUASA project is only 64 million QUA.

You can take part in a crypto crowdfunding campaign on the Kickico platform and become the owner of the first cryptocurrency that brings people together, Quasacoin (QUA).

To participate in an AIO project as a backer, you will need to perform the following steps:

1. Registration on the KickICO platform or on the KickEX cryptocurrency exchange
After registration, it is necessary to pass the verification of identity (KYC). 

2. How to apply for token purchase
Specify the number of tokens you want to purchase and the price of the token in USDT.

Control the situation — after you send your bid to the order book, others will appear in it, so you may be outstripped or moved by higher rates down so much that you may not be in the winning zone, and all tokens will be redeemed by participants who have offered a higher price.

3. AIO token sale procedure
The sale of tokens is carried out at the end of the trading day, immediately. The orders with the highest price are executed first. Bids with the lowest price are executed last.

If all the offered tokens of one trading day were redeemed by participants who offered a higher price, then other participants whose rates are lower will not get anything. In this case, unexecuted orders will be cancelled and users’ funds will be returned to their wallets in the Kick Ecosystem.

60 days after the completion of QUASA AIO, the Quasacoin (QUA) token will be listed on the Kickex exchange.


The quantity of QUA is limited! There are only 10 million Quasacoins (QUA) listed for the crypto auction.

QUASA is registered in Germany - full name Quasa International GmbH

Quasa is no longer a software company, but a company that brings people together. 
The Quasa network is made up of a large number of diverse storage providers and developers. This creates a robust and reliable service.
Quasa creates a one-stop digital assistant so people can find the jobs they love and support themselves and their families.

The QUASA team consists of more than 25 people, mostly software developers!

The QUASA team is a unique combination of specialists with advanced experience in the development and implementation of large blockchain systems.

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