05.06.2022 23:33

The QUASA NFT App Makes NFT Active And Dynamic on The Blockchain!

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QUASA NFT App allows managing a collection of NFTs with next features:

- Imports NFTs from NFT market places;
- Creates NFT certificate on Blockchain proving existence and ownership;
- Enables active dynamic NFT with chat and certificates;
- Certification of documents and NFT by the community and experts;
- Manages encrypted self-sovereign multi-signatures Blockchain certificates.

A new version of the QUASA NFT blockchain application has been released.
Two more #NFT marketplaces have been added!
Link any object, such as a painting or valuable item, to your NFT and certify it on the blockchain.

Get a QUASA NFT certificate, share with friends or the community who certify and authenticate your NFT - it's free. No network fees, transaction fees or anything else.

Now NFT is just a picture and a description.
Yes, of course, metadata is collected by smart contracts and added to the NFT - but it's not free.
Even in metaverses, you see passive pictures with outdated descriptions because no one wants to pay.

The QUASA NFT app makes NFT active and dynamic on the blockchain - free of charge for all users!
No gas fees, no fees at all - all for free!
And by the way - you do not need to connect a crypto wallet.
No commission - no need to connect a wallet!
Everything is safe!
The project team earns on royalties from marketplaces.

Now you can certify your NFT on five marketplaces.

QUASA is the first project to take into account all the decisive factors of NFT, namely provable rare, dynamic, oracle-powered that will define the arts, games and industries of the future.

Thank you!
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