06.06.2022 12:44

The QUASA NFT App Creates Active NFTs From Different Blockchains

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QUASA NFT is the first app that can certify and validate the existence of the next generation of NFTs, namely dynamic NFTs.

NFTs can theoretically have an endless application.

NFTs are moving digital assets into the public imagination, but if they’re to become the onramp for more mainstream adoption of blockchain-based systems, they need to prove that they can earn users’ trust and evolve beyond the cute static collectibles they are today.

Only the transition from static digital collectibles to truly dynamic NFTs will allow blockchain ecosystems and the world to realize the true value of this new unique asset class.

The QUASA NFT App Makes NFT Active And Dynamic on The Blockchain!

By adding any information to your NFT in the QUASA NFT application, you make an NFT with an active life cycle.

By registering the NFT life cycle on the blockchain, the QUASA NFT application increases the value and popularity of the asset over time.

Get a QUASA NFT certificate, share with friends or the community who certify and authenticate your NFT - it's free.

No network fees, transaction fees or anything else.

QUASA is the first project to take into account all the decisive factors of NFT, namely provable rare, dynamic, oracle-powered that will define the arts, games and industries of the future.

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