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The Pros and Cons of Wearing Crocs You Must Know

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People of all ages seem to be fond of wearing Crocs. They are super cool and comfortable. They can also be a style statement as they are available in different attractive colours. They are ideal for the rainy seasons however; they can be worn in any season.

Although crocs have a huge demand and if you follow the recent trend, you will see that the youngsters’ love towards the crocs has grown considerably in recent years. Crocs for kids have also gained popularity.  We understand its popularity however; the doctors say that crocs are not good for our health.

Listed below are the pros and the cons of wearing crocs that you must be aware of:


Great for Feet: Crocs are comfortable to wear. They are airy, colourful and perfect for any season. Some feel that crocs are so soft that they give you a feeling of walking on marshmallows. Crocs came into existence in 2002. Since its launch, there has been no looking back.

The company has sold around 300 million pairs of crocs to people of more than 90 countries. The sales figures are enough to speak about the popularity of crocs among people. None of the shoes is as comfortable and perfect as crocs are, and that is the reason why they are being liked by everyone.


Unable to secure your feet: Just like everything has flaws and crocs are not an exception to that rule. Doctors have spoken about their concerns of wearing crocs as they are not good for health. According to a podiatrist, crocs are not suitable for a day long use.  The crocs are not good enough for securing the heel and that is why you should refrain it from wearing for longer periods.

When the heels are not at the right place and unstable, then the toes become vulnerable and this can lead to tendinitis.  Some other problems that you can also experience are nail problems, corns and deformities of the toes.

Refrain from using it for longer hours: People wear crocs all throughout the day. They have started to wear it to every destination and due to that some of them complain about getting blisters on the feet.

Crocs, if worn for longer periods, can get you blisters as they are made of hard rubber. When the feet collide with the hard rubber, you get blisters that are quite painful. Although the pain recedes the blisters continue to stay on your feet as a spot.

Painful Blisters: You must be surprised to know that people who wear crocs often complain about stinky feet.  The rubber of the crocs makes your feet sweat and as it sweats more, it stinks.

Even if you wear them with socks, it is not going to do much difference.  Imagine how harmful this rubber could be that can even sweat the socks. Nobody likes stinky feet, so, if you are a fan of crocs, wear them but for a limited time.

Not a worth of Money: Crocs are very expensive however; they are not durable. If you wear it regularly, then it won’t last even not more than two to three months.  As they are made of rubber, so once the rubber gets torn, you will not be able to use it.

Not a Substitute: Do not try to wear crocs as a replacement to other shoes that you have in your shoe wardrobe. It is recommended to walk wearing them for a minimal distance. Do not use them as a substitute to your working shoes because crocs are not meant for jogging, bike riding, and trekking.

Are Crocs bad for everybody?

No, it is not bad for all. It is beneficial for two types of patients. One that has a high arch and another that suffers from edema and inflammation of legs and ankles. But nobody should wear them for eight to ten hours a day.

In the end, it can be said that crocs are very much into fashion. If you are in, it is not going to get difficult for you to choose your ideal pair as kids shoes are very popular. Wear crocs keeping in mind of the pros and cons.

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