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The Pros and Cons of Hiring Remote Full stack Developers Team

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A developer who has the expertise and can work on both the frontend and backend is called a full stack developer. The need for a full stack developer arose in the early 2000s when the number of resources increased to develop a single web page. Hiring remote full-stack developers is a serious business.

What’s covered in this blog post?

Introduction to full stack developer

Pros of hiring a remote full stack developer

  • Cost-effective.
  • Best fit for leading a technical team.
  • Stay ahead in the competition.

Cons of hiring a full stack developer

  • The growing number of stacks.
  • No specialized language.
  • Jack of all trades but master of none.

Hiring a remote full stack developer

Full-stack developers are experts in frontend and backend. It was rare to find full-stack talents a few years back. However, the advancements in technologies have increased the number of resources experts in a full-stack. Hiring a remote full-stack developer is expensive. It is necessary to have a full stack developer if you are up for web development.

Pros of Hiring Remote Developer Team


Full-stack developers are the most cost-effective solution for web development. One full stack developer can complete the job of two resources. This will save time, effort, and cost for the company. Full-stack developers have great expertise in many technologies and frameworks, thus giving them a fair bit of advantage while they are hired. This advantage allows development companies to avoid frontend/backend developers and go for full-stack developers.

Best fit for leading a team

The technical capability of the full-stack developers is high compared to the other developers. If you have to fill any position related tech leads, full-stack developers would be the perfect fit for the position. By knowing the complete development cycle, they can understand the business requirement of the clients and help the other developers to get together and achieve the desired results. With all the amount of experience and expertise, full-stack developers will be an extremely valuable resource if hired.

Stay ahead in the competition

Adding a full stack developer to your resource will keep you ahead in the competition. Full-stack developers can develop an application independently without any help from the frontend or backend developers. This allows you as a company to stay ahead in the competition.

Cons of Hiring Remote Developers Team: 

The growing number of stacks: 

The number of technologies is growing every day. This is one of the challenges that will bother your company if you have a full stack developer. There is not just the front end, back end, and databases anymore. There is data analytics, machine learning, and a lot more. With a huge list, it is hard for the full stack developers to learn all the technologies that are evolving in the development industry.

Jack of all trades but master of none:

The overall expertise of the full stack developer makes them Jack of all trades but master of none. It is advisable to have a full stack developer and manage all the tasks when you begin as a start-up. However, you cannot deny that the quality of work will be lower compared to the developer that is expert in front end or back end. 

In a nutshell:

Full-stack developers are all in one solution in the development industry. They bring everything in one basket and are capable of carrying out most of the projects by themselves. There are experienced full-stack developers for hire in India if you need an all in one solution for your development needs.

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