19.05.2024 11:57

The Decentralized Future Needs You

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QUASA:The Decentralized Future is People

We believe decentralized, trustless, and transparent systems have the potential to make the world a better place.

Our mission is to empower humans and companies to work together and achieve that vision. We share knowledge, resources and help people find their role in crypto.

On QUASA, you will find jobs across all roles — technical and non-technical — including customer support, design, engineering, finance, legal, marketing, operations, product, and sales.

Building the decentralized future takes people, from developers and researchers to designers and writers, working together.

QUASA is here to help you find your path in the crypto space.

What are the benefits of freelancing for crypto?

Because cryptocurrency is borderless and global, anyone can apply for a job and get paid, no matter where our Freelancers and Customers are in the world, and regardless of whether they have access to banking services.

Crypto job payments are efficient, and blockchain technology enables a truly free and frictionless labour market. Freelancing is also a good way to earn crypto, an attractive new asset class in society today.

Web3 specialists from around the world

There are thousands of talents in our database. Your next employee is already here!