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TechPally Tips for Entrepreneurs to Strengthen Business Relationships

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On average people who’re well-connected in society are more successful than people of low class.

This article is all about tips for entrepreneurs who are searching for great ways for strengthening their business. The network of friends you keep determines success in personal life and in business.

Establishing and maintaining valuable business relationships require time and energy. For which we are going to discuss some Tips for Entrepreneurs for their businesses to grow and keep good relationships with their clients. 

Networking has been in a permanent process of change since the age of digital media and tools. 

In order not to fall behind, entrepreneurs, executives, and salespeople should systematically develop and expand their professional network, Techpally business editor advised.

Nothing comes from nothing – this also applies to network. Because not only establishing contacts, maintaining them also requires time and energy. 

Therefore, here are a few tips on what you should pay attention to in business relationship management, i.e. in the systematic development and expansion of business relationships.

Tips for Entrepreneurs which are needs to keep in mind:

  • Don’t Build Relationship without a Plan

The term Business Relationship Management means you need to strengthen the ties between partners from time to time.

Avoid the establishment and maintenance of business relationships that are not purposeful. 

The main goal is Your business – and that of your network partner – and both should benefit from the relationship.

Therefore, analyze carefully:

  1. Which people and organizations could it be worth building a relationship with?
  2. For example, because they could become profitable customers?
  3. Or because they could be important recommendations?
  4. Or because they have valuable know-how?
  5. Personnel concepts for the future 

You can read more about personnel management and leadership in the  HR channel of such a report and channel partner Bommersheim Consulting. More here

  • Go for Value and not Quantity

Establishing and maintaining relationships takes time.

That is why it is especially important in the digital age not to network with just any entity or person.

Studies have shown that Nobody can maintain close relationships with more than 150 people. 

To define criteria based on which you decide: I want to establish a close (business) relationship with these people or organizations and not with them.

 And refuse contact requests, for example via Xing, Facebook, or LinkedIn. 

The same applies to network in social media: It’s not the quantity that matters, but quality – form a business relationship with people of substance in the society or in your industry.

Out of other tips for Entrepreneurs, it is a very important one to keep in mind. A good network doesn’t just fall from the sky. You have to work it out. 

So, decide, for example: In the future, I will invest 10% of my working time in establishing and expanding business relationships.

Anyone who never calls, visits, or invites friends “just like that” will not establish a personal relationship with them. 

On the contrary: the relationship cools down over time. This also applies to regular customers. 

You should not only contact them when a contract extension is pending, TechPally business editor advised.

  • Good preparation is Important 

“How do I address the person? And what do I talk to him or her about? 

”This is often the question people who want to contact someone – for example at an association conference. 

Getting in touch is very easy. Suppose your target person is the managing director of a medium-sized company. 

Then, take a look at the company website beforehand! How does your target person present themselves there? 

Is there your CV there? If not, take a look at Xing or LinkedIn. Additionally, consider using a professional CV builder to ensure your resume showcases your skills and experiences effectively. 

And do you google what is on the Internet about your target person and their company – for example in the “News” section of Google? 

Maybe she wrote professional articles. Then a conversation start could be: “Mr. Meyer (or Ms. Chaktty), I recently read an article from you on the subject of x. It inspired me because….

 ”Such a start in a conversation flatters almost everyone, and the door is now open for conversation.

  • Be in a Good Mood

Before contacting anyone in person, ask yourself: Am I in the right mood to do this? 

Because if you are in a bad mood and don’t really feel like making small talk, the person you’re meeting will feel this – not only based on your body language. 

Your eyes are particularly treacherous. So, when you’re in a bad mood, stop networking. Or put yourself in a good mood beforehand.

  • Communicate Appreciatively

The goal of networking is not to get a deal wrapped up in the short term. 

Rather, it’s about building sustainable relationships. 

That assumes that you have a real interest in the target person.

 You should signal to her: “I find you and what you do interesting.” But be careful, TechPally boss reinstated.

Don’t be a clumsy flatterer. Communicate at eye level, because you want to be an attractive partner.

  • Give first, then take!

Maybe you agree or not but these tips for entrepreneurs like you must take into consideration.

Of course, business relationship management is ultimately about business. 

But don’t rush anything. Business relationships have to grow. 

And those who always want something, but rarely give something, quickly appear unsympathetic. 

For other people to trust you, you have to be willing to make upfront payments. 

For example, by revealing knowledge in a conversation.

  • Systematically expand contacts!

You have to maintain contacts once you have made, otherwise, the bond of the relationship will get weak. 

That takes time – time that you often lack in everyday work. 

Therefore, for people who are important to you, enter, for example, one year in advance every two months in the calendar: “Call Health-pally“. 

Otherwise, before you know it, six months will have passed and the people you maintain relationship with will become odd in your contact list. 

  • Network your contact List 

A net is not a string, it consists of many threads interwoven with each other. 

You should therefore help to establish relationships between your network partners – for example, by recommending one partner to another if necessary.

  • Clean up your contacts now and then!

Often times, you’ll find some old partnership not working again, you need to prune your contact list from time to time. 

You don’t have to delete the contact, you can just group and segregate it from a working contact list. 

 Maintaining contacts takes time – time that you lack to establish and expand other valuable relationships.

These Tips for Entrepreneurs will often help you in the upcoming time.

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