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Swollen Toes: Everything You need to know!

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The swollen toe is not something that you can neglect. Your toe might look bigger than the normal and it is often caused due to the accumulation of fluid in the tissues of the toe. Yes! It is a silent sign, which signals you that some serious health condition is running inside your body. Once you know the reason behind the cause of swelling, it’s easy to treat it on your own. But, if the swelling lasts for longer days or if you doubt the swelling is caused due to other factors such as gout, fractures or arthritic pain, then consult your healthcare provider immediately.

Here, we will discuss the causes, symptoms, treatment and a few simple home remedies to treat swollen toe for long-lasting relief. Just read the article to know more!

What are the causes of swollen toes?

A lot of reasons can make your feet and toe swell. No matter the swelling is mild or severe; it can bring a devastating pain for you. The swelling can also be accompanied with redness and inflammation. Let’s now check out a few causes of swollen toes or toe swelling:

1) Traumatic injuries:

Sprains, dislocations, and fractures can hurt your toes. Also, foot injury can cause stubbed toe, bruising of toes or soft tissues, or ligament damage. Even your toes may get injured while playing sports.

Treatment: Initially you can follow the RICE method to your toe, which is nothing but rest, ice, compression and elevation.

2) Ingrown toenails:

It’s a very common form of nail disease. The ingrown toenail occurs when the nail on the toe grows into and under the skin. This can bring severe pain, redness, swelling and redness in your nails.

Treatment: Ingrown toenails can be treated at home. But, if you cannot manage your pain, book an appointment with your healthcare provider immediately to ease your symptoms and to avoid complications. Your doctor may do a physical examination to diagnose the ingrown toenail and based on the severity of your condition; he may suggest minor surgery to remove the nail partially or completely. He may also prescribe you antibiotics to heal the wound. Buy prescription medicines online from any trusted online medicine site and get your medicines delivered at your doorsteps.

If you are suffering from diabetes and peripheral vascular disease, you need to discuss with your healthcare provider as there is an increased risk of complication to handle ingrown toenail due to poor blood circulation.

3) Medical conditions can cause swelling in the toes:

Toe swelling can also be caused due to certain medical conditions like gout, arthritis, infections, and allergic reactions triggered by bug bites.

Treatment: To keep your gout and arthritis attack under control, anti-inflammatory medications and corticosteroids may be prescribed by your healthcare provider to ease your symptoms. Also, measures to reduce uric acid levels in the body will be carried out by your doctor. Apart from this, managing a healthy lifestyle, focusing on heart-healthy diets, including more physical activities and managing healthy weight may help to lower your risk of repeated gout attacks.

What are the symptoms you can notice when you have a swollen toe?

If you have a swollen toe, the following are a few symptoms you can notice along with the swelling:

  • Severe pain
  • Redness
  • Difficulty to bend the toes
  • Feeling the warmth in the affected area
  • Swelling in the ankle and foot
  • Stiffness in the toe joint

When to visit a doctor for swollen toes?

You should schedule an appointment to visit your doctor if the pain is intense and persists for a longer time. Also, if the swelling is accompanied by redness, stiffness and infection, which don’t go away with home treatment, consider visiting the doctor. Your doctor will do a complete diagnosis and prescribe medicines based on the severity of the disease. Order your prescription medicines from the best online medicine store in India.

What are the best home remedies for swollen toes?

Here, we have listed out a few best home remedies which you can follow to prevent swollen toes:

  • Practise a good foot care regimen.
  • Keep your feet always clean and dry
  • Trim your toenails regularly
  • Wear a comfortable shoe that fits well to avoid getting any foot ailments
  • Wear steel-toed boots or safety shoes to avoid workplace injury.

Well! Certain medical conditions, injury, trauma, or infection can be the reason for your swollen toe. If you cannot find the cause for your swollen toe, consult your doctor immediately. He may look for the cause and help you with the diagnosis and treatment. Just follow a good foot care practice to maintain healthy feet and say goodbye to your foot ailments!

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