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Stand Out from the Crowd with Professional Blogging Services

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Small business owners understand the rigors of running a well-oiled machine, and the amount of time needed to ensure that everything operates properly. How much time, exactly?

During an average workweek, small business owners spend over 20 hours in meetings. These same business owners average only about six hours of downtime—a week!

While you sit in meetings, remember that your competition is getting stuff done. Those precious six hours of “you time” should be spent ensuring that your business is everything you’ve envisioned—you shouldn’t be struggling to fill your business blog with quality content.

Professional blogging and content services, such as SevenAtoms, can boost your website’s blog content flow so you can focus on getting back to business.

The Value of Blogging
Don’t underestimate the importance of a business blog. For one, a blog personalizes your brand, enabling you to interact with your customers at a more “real” level. Blogs should include a variety of dynamic content—ranging from videos, articles, and photos—to keep your audience coming back for more.

Blogging and Marketing
Blogs are powerful marketing and communication tools, helping businesses to better converse with customers. The most successful blogs develop better relationships and greater trust with their target audience, thus marketing the business more efficiently.

Blogging and Social Media
Integrating social media with business blogging allows you to share content with your customers and—most importantly—to facilitate “social buzz.”

When you effectively engage your target audience on Facebook or Twitter, your customers will share and contribute to your content. Maximum exposure on social media actually helps your search engine rankings as well.

Blogging and SEO
Your site will rank better on Google if you’ve created social buzz, people like your content, and comment on your blog. Having a business blog optimizes your business website for search engines. Your website will reflect fresh, relevant, and popular content—exactly what search engines look for.

Because 55% of small businesses with blogs have more website visitors, blogging is a key marketing strategy that connects you and your product with your consumers. For best results, consider utilizing business blogging services.

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