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Smart Home – How to Start

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Every day, more and more gadgets appear that can make managing the house easier and more comfortable, so houses with a lot of smart equipment began to be called “smart”. How the smart house system is arranged and what are its advantages will be described in this article.

Thanks to the active development of the home smartening up trend and global technical improvement, we can automate our homes through special smart systems and electric linear actuators.

A smart home is an aggregation of different sensors and equipment combined into a single system and facilitates management and settings from a smartphone, tablet, computer, or built-in touch panel. The mandatory element of a Smart Home is the control center, it maintains communication with other devices, and receives information from them, which is then transferred to the owner via a mobile application.

As a rule, a lot of devices can be connected to the smart home control center, the limit often reaches three digits.

The main elements of Smart Home are:

  • Climate control — the work of a warm floor, lighting, and heating;
  • Security — alarms, motion, and opening sensors, and video surveillance systems that transmit what is happening to a smartphone;
  • Lighting — turning on/off the light, changing the brightness and color of the lighting depending on the user’s wishes;
  • Multimedia control system — turn off the TV at a given time, switch tracks on the audio player using a voice assistant;
  • Intelligent control of household appliances — program washing for a certain time, turn on the coffee maker at 10 a.m., etc.

You can manage the system through a special mobile application which is very convenient for users. The equipment connects via Wi-Fi and transmits signals to your mobile phone. For example, the presence of a smart outlet in the house will allow you to turn on and off the equipment even if you are just approaching the house. In such a way, the homeowner can monitor the work of each device independently, so you do not have to come home in a panic and check whether the iron is turned off, whether the door is closed, etc.

Advantages of Technology

A smart home optimizes, simplifies, and automates human life as much as possible.

Among the main perks of the system, it is worth noting:

  • Possibility of remote switching on domestic equipment. Different providers of smart equipment create special programs that need to be installed on a smartphone to work with a smart device, wherever you are.
  • Voice control. You don’t even have to get up from the sofa to turn off the light, make coffee or turn off the multicooker.
  • Automatic update. Smart devices have a Wi-Fi module, thanks to which they can be updated automatically, without requiring the intervention of the owners.
  • Warning of emergency situations. In the event of a gas, water, or fire leak, the system reacts quickly and sends a message to the phone.

Many experts have been teaching online about their automation developments over a period of time offering visitors to try them as well. The functions and possibilities of tech solutions are almost limitless. Therefore, we can consider just some of them.

Make The Lighting in Your Abode Smart

You can adjust tight in your home by using a number of devices. One of the possible examples is the installation of dimmers to choose the most comfortable level of lighting for your eyes.

However, the following devices will be active only in particular cases. It is certainly not about daylight lamps. Still, you may find one small disadvantage connected with dimmers, and this is permanent light background noise.

The typical place for light switches will be occupied by the specially installed switches. This will help to turn on/off the light.

Control Options for Electric Appliances

You can automate the control of your household appliances the same way as when we talked about home light control. It is not necessary to make all the systems of the house entirely automatic. It is recommended to leave the possibility of normal hand control to avoid unexpected inconveniences.

Think About A Surveillance System in A Smart Home

The monitoring vision system can be fitted in such a way that the homeowner will be able to monitor through the cameras located in the house even from the office or elsewhere. It is very simple, the video camera system can be mounted as the initial function of your smart dwelling. The key aim of this technology is that the signal from the cameras is sent to a certain computer. You can even receive all the data from cameras and sensors on hand-held devices.

It is possible to install both motion sensors and video cameras at the same time. They will work according to the same principle. To debug Z on a computer, you only need to download the appropriate open-source modules. To be able to adjust and modify the code in the future, you will have to understand a little about the devices of such systems. Do not worry, it’s easier than learning programming.

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