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Six Ways You Can Cure The Neck & Back Pain

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Neck pain and back pain are considered chronic if lasts longer than the three months. Due to the hectic life, we are leading almost everyone is suffering from some pain. Be it neck pain, back pain, or shoulder pain.

Having a neck pain and back can certainly affect your daily routine especially professional life.  Your productivity declines and makes it impossible for you to focus on your work.

There are many reasons why you are suffering through neck pain or back pain, or perhaps both. It could be due to the poor posture, stress, sleeping in the wrong posture, disc problems, and arthritis of the spine, muscle strain, sciatica and much more.

These problems often cause the neck and back pain. It is best to consult the doctor and get the medications. It is not only the medication that works it is also about being kinetic and movable.

If you do not then it will take a long time in healing the pain. But, we don’t want that to happen with you. Hence, we decided to share six ways you can cure the neck and pain back if done consistently.

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Sitting Square 

While sitting at the office, ensure you sit in a straight position. Don’t hunch or slouch. Your back should be at the bottom of your chair. Keep the computer at an eye level. In addition, your legs must be in line with your hips at ninety degrees.  By doing so, there will be ease of back pain and neck pain. Sometimes people will assume an incorrect position due to pain caused by hemorrhoids. This may provide temporary relief, however, it will cause back issues in the long run. Fortunately there is a simple solution in the form of memory foam seat cushion.

Sleep and Pillows 

One of many reasons for having neck pain might be your sleeping habits. Sleeping in an uncomfortable position or a pillow can throw your neck in misalignment.

There are two best sleeping positions to relieve back pain. One is to sleep at your back while; another is to sleep at your side.

As much as these positions matter, you also have to invest in good quality of pillows.

To find a better pillow follow these tips:

  • Use a memory foam pillows or a feather pillow to comfort your neck
  • Do not use a high stack of pillows while sleeping
  • In addition, if you wish to sleep on your side then keeps the spine straight by opting for a memory foam pillow that is higher under your neck than the head.

Changing The Diet 

Diet is another important thing one must look upon while having neck pain and back pain. When there is lack of calcium and vitamin D. There are foods in the diet that are highly inflammatory especially the ones with high sugar and carbs. The best way is to consult the doctor and know what kind of diet plan to follow.

He or she might even offer you supplements for the necessary nutrients. You will also need to understand there are many foods that elevate the pain while some reduce the pain. Hence, always be careful about your diet.

Stretching and Massages 

Stretching is one of the best ways of curing back and neck pain. But, you should not try under your own. For safety purpose always have someone for guidance.

There are yoga poses that shall help you in relieving the tight spots in the neck. It will also open up space for more oxygen inside your head.

The downward dog pose will get the oxygen flowing and detoxifies the body naturally.

Massages also improve the blood circulation, ease stress, relax the muscles, and so many wonders to the body. Massages also tend to reduce back pain.


Having back pain and neck pain does not only cause damage physically but disturbs you emotionally.  To manage this frustration, irritability, depression, and any other psychological aspects mediation is essential. It helps you in dealing with the pain and gives relief to your mind.

Some experts also recommend going for the Tai Chi and other relaxation techniques.


Hydrotherapy is also known as the water exercise that will reduce neck pain and back pain. You can also add Epsom salt in the bath that will treat your pain. Due to the magnesium present inside the Epsom salt, it helps you in ease the inflammation and the muscle pain.

To keep your body healthy is the top priority. One should never overlook it. You should also listen to your body. Because if you don’t then who will? In the above-mentioned blog, we have jotted down the six ways through which you can cure the back pain and neck pain.

Before undertaking any of these ways, always consult the doctor’s advice. If you like the blog, then do share and drop your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section.

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