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Six Stages In The Brain Development

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The remarkable stages of brain development that occur during the first three years of a child’s life are extremely significant. These three years have a lifelong impact on the brain development of an individual.

When we are born, we all have neurons that are going to be with us all our lives. Neurons play a major role in the brain’s developmental process. The first few years of our lives develop various connections of neurons. These connections regulate the abilities that we are going to have later. Neurons work to stimulate the memory, learning capability, and various functions of the brain.You can analyze your intelligence with an IQ test, for example: IQ Global Test

The brain undergoes various developmental stages before it reaches its maturation level. Every stage is significant in developing the brain to the highest level.

Development Stages Of The Brain

First trimester

After a few weeks of conceiving the baby, the process of brain development starts. After the first eight weeks, the basic structure of the brain starts to form. Most importantly, the neural tube is formed. This neural tube grows up to be the brain and spinal cord.

After the seventh week of conceiving the first neurons and synapses are established in the spinal cord. These first connections originate the movement of the baby in the womb. Such movements are clearly seen through MRI screening. As the weeks go forward, these movements become more prominent and are easily felt by the mothers.

Second trimester

Gyri and sulci are formed during the second developmental stage of the brain. Gyri are responsible for developing the topmost part of the man’s brain. They also rise the surface area of the brain.

The increase in surface area allows the adjustment of more neurons allowing more information to be processed in the brain. Sulci surround the Gyri in the brain. They assist in dividing the brain into different portions for example various lobes and hemispheres.

Both Gyri and sulci help increase the surface area of the brain but do not allow the brain to become oversize so that it may not fit in the skull. They regulate the normal increase in surface area of the brain.

At this stage of brain development, synapses start to grow in new parts of the brain. Myelin (like a layer) starts to form in the brain that helps in processing the new information more quickly.

Third trimester

Towards the end of the pregnancy, the brain starts to prepare itself faster as it is now going to take on new responsibilities. At this stage, fetal breathing develops and the brain starts to react to external forces such as touch, pain, sound, etc.


The brain develops very quickly during the year of a baby’s life. Development of motor skills occurs at a faster rate during the first year of a baby’s life. At this stage, the vision reaches the level of perfection.

In the span of three months, the baby starts to recognize things and develops the capacity to remember. During this stage, the parts of the brain that support the development of language strengthen.

After a few months, the baby becomes capable of telling the difference between various languages (for instance, native and foreign languages).


During the second year of a baby’s life, more advanced language skills are developed. Advanced synapses connections are developed. These connections help in developing the vocabulary of the child.

Various research studies show that between a baby’s first and second birthday, the number of words they know will multiply. More myelin develops in the brain and the child becomes more aware of the self, emotions, and feelings.

At this stage, the baby starts to recognize himself and others with the use of names and starts using words like ‘me’ and ‘I’.


The creation of synapses reaches its peak level during this stage. The dexterity of the brain gets improved. This stage is important as the child develops the recognition of various present and past events.

The child during this stage also develops the cause and effect of various events. The child becomes more familiar with what is happening around them and remembers the details of various events.

Main Crux

After these three years, the baby is ready to learn. Healthy babies start to extract the meanings of their surroundings and start to get exposed to the new things around them. All these stages build on one another. Successful development of one stage leads to the development of the next stage.

During these years essential brain connections are made that decide the quality of later years in life. Brain development occurs gradually and every phase holds prime importance in brain functionality.

Various research studies have highlighted the importance of brain developmental stages ensuring the establishment of synapses and neurons which handle the functionality of the brain.

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