04.12.2023 01:49

QUASA - The World's First Metaverse of Confidential Advertising

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More and more people are joining the Quasa Rewards program. Users are rewarded for their attention.

The QUA token becomes an attention token. After registering with Quasa Rewards, they are awarded QUA tokens for watching ads and completing quests.

At the same time, confidentiality is maintained.

Today, the QUA token is one of the most successful altcoins

Moreover, it is now used in the World's First Decentralized Mobile App For Remote Work, Quasa Connect

This means that the QUA token can be used to pay for any remote work anywhere in the world.


The team began developing the second and main part of Quasa Rewards. Once launched, there will be a comprehensive product that will revolutionize the advertising industry. QUASA's priority is user privacy, not tech giants' profits.

After the implementation of the second part it will be launched - The World's First Metaverse of Confidential Advertising.

The second part will consist of:

Authors create content
(Publishers and authors receive compensation for advertising, translations from users and payments.)

Next will be the implementation of the third part of QUASA META:

Advertisers display their content more effectively.
(With browser-based anonymization technologies, QUASA advertisers can measure the effectiveness of their campaigns without compromising their privacy.)

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