19.11.2023 20:26

Official Announcement of The QUASA Rewards Program

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Play and earn QUA coins with us!

QUASA has a large number of partners. These sellers pay QUASA a commission for attracting customers to their sites. We share this commission with you as a reward, which is mutually beneficial for all parties involved.

Become a member of the QUASA Rewards program.

Take free quests from our partner companies, get acquainted with their services and offers and earn Quasacoins. Spend coins as you wish.

How it works?

1. Register quickly and easily

    Fill in your preferences and add your wallet address

 2. Play and complete quests

    You will have access to individual offers from companies

3. Earn tokens

    Receive QUA tokens in exchange for your activity. 

    Get to know the products and services of our companies partners.

At the time of the official launch of the QUASA Rewards program, the first quest is available - Freelance Game DAYQ.

Rewards for completing the DayQ quest are available every day, play and collect your Quasacoins (QUA). In this quest you are a freelancer and try on the roles of many professions.

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a freelancer?

The sandbox game #DayQ for freelancers allows you to:

  • receive QUA tokens every day;
  • try on the roles of many professions;
  • to gain knowledge about interaction with the customer / client;
  • test yourself as a freelancer or representative business;
  • to understand at what point the freelancer "sags" during development of a deal;
  • learn to find profitable projects, keeping the balance between work and rest.

Good luck!