28.08.2019 14:28

Significant people join the QUASA project!

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Dear QUASA Member,
We are pleased to announce that Pavel Fedorov has joined us!

Pavel worked in leading investment banks in Russia, engaged in investment consulting for private and institutional clients, created structured financial products and real estate funds, managed assets and traded in the stock and derivative markets.

He also helped small and medium-sized companies organize financing for their business through the issuance of bonds, securitization and the sale of shares to private and institutional investors. By 2013, he decided to go to fintech, founded a couple of startups created at his own expense, but then they were unsuccessful, although the sphere of personal financial consulting and the financial products market is currently an extremely widespread industry. 

Since 2016, he has become interested in blockchain and what he can give to the financial sector. In 2017, he became part of the team of fintech company @BANKEX, whose goal is to create a global infrastructure for the circulation of digital assets, tokens backed by real assets, primarily to help medium and small private companies in attracting financing for further development.

Thanks to the competences of Pavel Fedorov, we are entering a new professional level!

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