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SEO Domination Tactics To Upscale Your Business

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Do you need a reason for optimizing and enhancing the visibility of your online web portal and upscale business? Consider the following statistic - Google, the foremost search engine on the planet, handles not less than 5 billion searches accounting for a massive 80 percent of worldwide traffic.

SEO Domination Tactics To Upscale Your BusinessThe Numero Uno status, the top spot on Google’s first-page search result has become the Holy Grail of every SEO strategic initiative fighting the battle to grab eyeballs, move traffic, and boost business.

What’s the problem in attaining that lofty goal? The problem, if you want to call it that, is Google. To be more precise; Google’s ever-changing search engine algorithms that make the SEO optimization journey challenging. The brightest minds in cyberspace believe that this is a mountain that can be climbed. As they say in baseball, you can “hit the ball out of the park,” and play the uncatchable delivery that outmaneuvers the competition.

You can dominate the SEO arena by targeting the right keywords, pushing the best content, and steer your campaign to reach the targeted audience with better business results to show at the end of the day.

You also avoid classic SEO mistakes that will hurt your website rankings. In the process, you’d have acquired the growth mindset.

According to SEO experts at Miromind, locating your storefront on the Fifth Avenue of cyberspace - Google's first-page search result - is possible if you play the SEO game to a formula that doesn’t crumble against the brutal hurricanes of algorithmic variation.

The Five Foundational Principles Projecting SEO Domination

#1 Improving The security and Accessibility of Your Website

Webmasters are unanimous in stating that businesses face an existential crisis if websites can’t be easily crawled by Google bots. To become Google bot-friendly:

  • Get the site meticulously coded by a master web builder.
  • Revamp the robots.txt file to make it easier for Google bots to interpret the structure and purpose of the site, and know what to look for and where. 
  • If it’s a WordPress site, use Yoast SEO to build a sitemap listing essential pages, and if otherwise, use online sitemap generators to emphasize what you want crawled and indexed.
  • Using SSL security-enabled HTTPS enhances the site’s user-friendliness, though this is only marginally important factor in page ranking.

#2 Boosting Page Loading Speeds To Promote User-Friendliness

Boosting Page Loading Speeds To Promote User-FriendlinessA lot of webmasters and business owners don't focus on their website load time. Having a fast website will help your SEO strategy and help you increase your organic traffic. For Google, a fast loading web page is a validation of user-friendliness, so this is a critical ranking factor that you can’t ignore.

Ever since Google tweaked search algorithms (in 2018) to focus on mobile page loading speeds, websites that don’t measure up get penalized.

To settle any doubts you may have on this issue use Google’s Mobile Friendliness Testing tool to judge how easily visitors can access your pages.

Improve your page speeds by leaps and bounds using these tips for enhancing WordPress performance.

#3 Understanding The Importance of Being a Mobile-Friendly Website

Having a responsive design is one of the most common tips and tricks to improve your Google rankings. With more than 4 billion users searching Google, and the vast majority of visitors using mobile devices, it’s no wonder that Google follows a mobile-first indexing policy. Following this paradigm shift in policy, algorithms are focusing more on mobile friendliness as a critical search engine page ranking factor.

In an era where mobile searches are speeding ahead of desktop searches, sites that aren’t mobile-optimized risk becoming irrelevant as far as SEO is concerned.

These are four factors that no viable startup should ignore:

  • Customers searching you on mobiles won’t find you if you’re short on user-friendliness.
  • If you haven’t changed your content to reflect mobile SEO and ASO best practices, you risk being poorly ranked in search pages. 
  • Mobiles are driving the humongous volume of pre-sale searches. Video product reviews and long-tailed searches prefixed by “Best” are paving the way for significant conversions and sales. Can you afford to ignore 40 percent of users who wish to complete purchases through their mobiles? 
  • With voice searches invading desktops, smartphones, tablets, and home-based devices, you need to examine whether the content is mobile optimized for improved searchability.

#4 Scoring High on Page and Domain Authority

Did you know that if you’ve been online for a reasonable span and you’ve done your bit in optimization stakes, you have a better chance of being high ranked? If your startup has already passed the three-year barrier, you are significantly advantaged.

SEO Domination Tactics To Upscale Your BusinessYour first and foremost priority is to avoid being labeled as a spammy portal with suspicious content. To prevent negative fallout, you need to focus on being relevant to your niche audience. Ideally, you should be in a position to offer something of immense value to the consumer, and project your product through sustained and high-quality content creation.

Next, we come to page authority and domain authority which are critical search engine ranking factors. Simply defined, page or domain authority comes from a combination of audience-focused, value-added content of high quality backed by strong off-page SEO like excellent inbound links, effective influencer marketing, and high volume social shares. On a scale of 0 to 100, if you score 70 and above, you stand a better chance of securing top billing in search results pages.

#5 Doing a Technical SEO Audit of Your Website

SEO isn't limited to organic traffic but can also be used for reputation managementand having a well designed and developed site is essential. You might recollect that we’d suggested coding by webmasters. If you want to validate your hard work, there’s no better option than to conduct a technical SEO audit. This is a comprehensive review of the site where you identify and remove glitches and prepare the site for easier crawling by Google bots.

Run a Tech Audit Suit SettingsThese are the five critical areas for SEO optimization: 

  • The titles and subtitles of your content usually appear as the first line in Google search results, so these headlines should contain essential keywords or phrases that fulfill customer intent. 
  • The titles and subtitles should be clearly demarcated with Title, h2, or h3 tags so that Google understands your content hierarchy and captures what you deem to be your core message.
  • Remember that you’re cramped within the space of 160 characters in your meta description to cocoon relevant keywords in crisp, attention-grabbing text to convince visitors that they’ve struck gold. 
  • It’s pointless to juxtapose images with text without correlating the two. With Google image searches increasing in popularity, insert keywords in the image alt tags to indicate unambiguously how the image is related to the text.
  • Google loves sites that educate and inform users. An effective way of enabling informative results is through Schema markups which are codes telling Google what needs highlighting. Consider such codes as the billboards that you see dotting the curbs of highways. This is an excellent way of figuring in rich snippets and answer boxes.

The Five Factors Elevating Content Quality and User Experience

In the Google universe, the search algorithm has an umbilical connection to keywords which are expressions of the searcher’s intent. For the website, keywords are like visiting cards enticing visitors to browse the site for valuable information that fulfills the visitor’s intent. Ideally, the website and the search engine ought to be on the same page while using keyworded content to deliver a pleasant user experience.

1. For Google, the freshness and originality of content is a prime ranking factor, whereas content duplication is a strong negative. To prevent Google from marking duplicate content as spam, use canonical URLs to show Google content that is your most authoritative material to the exclusion of all other versions.

2. It’s not enough to post significant keywords in isolation because associated words might bring in searchers that have no intention of buying the original product. Fortunately, you can include or exclude associated words using the flexibility of LSI or latent semantic indexing keywords. The LSI keyword shows Google that your content is relevant to cigars and not cigarettes, or microscopes not micro bikinis.

3. Stuffing keywords into metatags, titles, subtitles and the content, in general, can be counterproductive leading to your categorization as webspam or spamdexing. Stuffing is considered an unethical practice designed to engineer higher rankings and attracts severe search penalties.

4. Aligning content with the intent of the search is very important. You can apply these 10 proven ways to match content with search intent. If, for example, you’re in the travel and leisure segment, you have to make it abundantly clear whether you’re in the business of providing transportation, accommodation, or dining. Similarly, the search words “review” and “compare” may indicate the searcher wants information, whereas “Buy” would mean the readiness to purchase the product. Nuancing content to match user intent is the definitive method of elevating page ranking.

5. Full-length high-quality content explains issues in-depth and resonates with the targeted audience that perceives the information as valuable and intent-fulfilling. Research indicates that content topping 2000 to 2450 words figures consistently in top-ranking search pages.

SEO Domination Tactics To Upscale Your BusinessThe factors you need to consider are:

  • Who are you targeting, and what are the specific pain points you’re addressing?
  • Is a lengthy post justifiable because it’s essential to address all issues that concern the customer?

Ideally, the end result of content creation should be value-addition, and Google would definitely rank you higher if a descriptive post delivers a satisfying user experience.

Final thoughts about SEO domination tactics to upscale your business

Regardless of the bewildering range of variables that determine how your web content gets ranked by the big search engines, there is a certain amount of predictability that allows leeway for dominating the process.

Using the tips we have listed and by deploying the right keywords, you stand a better chance of emerging on top of a competitive ecosystem. Then, you systematically cocoon your keywords in outstanding content to decimate the competition.

In the final analysis, your efforts yield the highest rankings in SERPs, which bring high-volume, targeted, organic traffic that has every likelihood of converting into a booming business.

In short, through controlled SEO domination, your brand straddles cyberspace as you upscale your business.

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