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Right Way to Drive Traffic with Instagram Campaign

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As per a census, there are approximately 1 billion active users on Instagram belonging to different areas from all around the world. Instagram can be a great channel to market your brand and to drive traffic to your website if you have one. Instagram can help you gain a wide range of audiences through the platform. All you need is an effective digital marketing campaign and to create and maintain a strong social media presence (especially Instagram).

Instagram is more suitable for tangible products rather than services like clothes, accessories, furniture, and other tangible products. There are many ways to drive traffic from your Instagram channel to your website. You can either use organic reach or can sponsor your brand on Instagram. Paid advertising i.e. cost per click can be another way to increase reach on Instagram.

Add Website Link to Your Bio

When you’re promoting your brand on Instagram, it is important to add your website link on your Instagram bio. Make sure to include “Website link in bio” on all your posts so whoever likes your products can easily access your website and buy whatever they prefer or like on your website.

For instance, if you are an apparel brand and sell jackets like Cyberpunk Outfit, Emily in Paris outfits, Captain America Outfits, or other such tangible products on your website. You can easily post aesthetic pictures on your Instagram and link those posts directly to your website page where they can see a wide range of other costumes and apparel and easily place their order.

Instagram Story Ads

Sponsored Instagram story ads can lead to a wide audience if you perfectly define your audience to the platform. In this way, your sponsored ad will be on the target audience’s stories and the audience can you easily swipe up on your story and will be directly led to your website page.

These stories could be of people wearing your products like jackets, shoes, t-shirts, watches, or other stuff. Make sure to be creative on such Instagram Stories since it is a good way to attract customers. All they needed to do is swipe up and get to your website to directly place their orders.

Place a call to action on the posts

It is important to include a CTA in your posts, like Learn More, Sign Up Now, Enroll Now, etc. you can also ask your visitors to submit their email addresses to get access to further details. In this way, you have an addition to your prospect database and will be able to interact and communicate with them on a more personal level.

Include your website URL on your Instagram Posts

An innovative way to drive your Instagram audience to your website page is to include your website’s URL on your Instagram posts. This will lead them to easily get your homepage without a hassle and make inquiries that they need to make. This is an innovative way to increase your website Drive Traffic.

Instagram Ads

Instagram ads can be a little expensive but totally worth it if you can attract your audience with them. One-click on your Instagram ad will lead your audience directly to your website which would increase your website Drive Traffic and ultimately generate leads for your brand. Clickable Instagram ads need to create enough to attract your audience and tell them more about your digital campaign.

There are three kinds of Instagram paid ads that include: Image, video, and carousel. Image ads are a single image that tells the story itself. A video ad includes a video on the page that tells the story. And carousel ads are those ads that can add multiple images on your Instagram so your followers can swipe right and understand the entire story via images.

Use Influencers for your brand

There are a lots of Instagram influencers out there that can help you raise brand awareness and make sure your brand is on the right track. You can use relevant Instagram influencers and use their platform to raise awareness on a broader level. There are number of people out there who have a wide reach and affiliate with brands to promote them. Know how to make more money on Instagram campaigns.

These influencers are recognized and trusted by thousands and millions of people. When a trusted individual promotes a brand, its followers are most likely to try out the brand because their favorite influencer said so. You can ask these influencers to put a call to action on their posts so their audience can directly reach your website.


Instagram can be a very useful channel for your digital marketing and can easily increase your reach and Drive Traffic to your website. It can also increase brand awareness through Instagram Influencers and positive word of mouth.

If you’re a new and small venture, Instagram has recently introduced a new option where others can support local business by including them in their stories so their friends and followers can reach up to them. Use Instagram to its fullest because it is full of opportunities.

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