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How to Get More Organic Traffic to Your Canadian Site

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As a business owner, you probably already know all about the difficulties you may encounter on your path while getting started. This is particularly the case if you have just created a website for your business and are trying to drive up interest in it. Generating organic traffic to your website can be a frustrating and time-consuming project. Read on to find out how to make this process faster and smoother!

The Importance of Website Traffic

Overall, the major benefit of increasing your website traffic is the corresponding expansion of revenue. With more customers, there is a greater chance that some of them will decide to buy your products or services. With all of the visitors that come across your website, a portion of them may also share your site or mention it to friends. This will steadily grow your visibility and help your site to flourish.

Another benefit of increasing traffic for your website is receiving new opportunities to grow relationships and generate new leads. A visitor to the site may be in the same business as you, and they could end up sharing vendor tips or advice. Or, a blogger may visit your site and ask to feature you in some of their posts.

Choose a Good Hosting Provider

Many people often underestimate the importance of a good WordPress hosting provider. In reality, the hosting provider plays a huge part in the success of your website. For instance, a provider should help you optimize your website to increase its speed. In turn, improved speeds will attract more customers to your business. They will also be less likely to navigate away from your page before it finishes loading.

Another major impact that providers control is the uptime of your website. The best hosting providers can ensure a near 100% uptime, usually in the range of 99.90-99.99%. If the servers are constantly down, or there are frequent DDoS attacks, your website will likely be down a major portion of the time. Moreover, this will reduce the number of visitors who have access to your site.

Create Paid Ad Campaigns

This method involves investing in social media ads that directly target certain customers. When social media users see the ad, they will be tempted to click on it, getting re-directed to your website. Facebook is a good platform to try this option, as you will have many people seeing your ad. If you have a Facebook business page, you can easily transition into using Facebook Ads Manager. This is a tool that will guide you through the process of creating the best ads for viewers. In addition, it allows you to select certain objectives based on what you are trying to achieve with your ads.

Take Advantage of Reddit

Reddit is a popular forum site that many people turn to for useful information. The website has many subreddits that delve down into specific topics. If you make your way down the threads, you will likely find a good opportunity to post a link to your website. For instance, if a subreddit relates to Canadian women looking for new hair products, and you happen to sell that exact item, make a new post with the link. Moreover, it helps to provide a short description to catch the viewers’ attention. You could also add a photo of your product so photo of your product so that customers can easily identifywhat they will be buying.

Offer Discounts

The key to engaging your customers is to get them hooked right away. Once they have established that they enjoy your product, they will become repeat customers. To achieve this, you can try offering limited-time discounts. For instance, you could offer a 30% discount on gifts right before Mother’s Day or Christmas. Adding that deadline will prompt people to take action and make the purchase before the deal is gone. After the holiday, they will remember your website and return to it for other products.

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