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How to Use SEO Traffic to Make the Website a Better Place

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There are lots of fine blog articles about how to enhance the SEO or even promoting for charity and nonprofit sites. This isn’t one of these articles.

In this blog article, I’ll research how high ranking websites with powerful search engine optimization apps can utilize their standing success to help enhance the entire world (if only the tiniest little ) by bringing clicks and awareness into significant on-brand social troubles.

While socially accountable, for-profit companies have turned into a significant trend over the last decade or two, the tradition of just donating resources to some fantastic cause (and getting tax advantages in the procedure ) is recognized as a standard part of conducting business.

According to Charity Navigator, U.S. businesses gave over $20 billion to charities in 2017.

Of that, we are guessing little to no donation has been accounted for at the Non-Branded SEO Awareness Impressions column.

In my company’s site, BMC Blogs, we love to consider our search positions as property, and also our non-branded search engine optimization consciousness visitors as a valuable company asset.

The same as owning and keeping the value of your home, keeping search rankings necessitates improvements over time so as to not just maintain the property in the fantastic condition it ideally started but to also enhance the property as time passes.

Normally, we utilize the visitors which results in our search rank property to advertise ebooks, whitepapers, analyst reports, free trials, demos, webinars, poll results, along with other useful B2B content.

Lately, we created a crazy new idea: what should we contributed a number of our articles’s existing advertisement placements — normally dedicated to our own messages and content — to great causes?

Can we create traffic and awareness for major societal problems while not damaging our current traffic and conversion volumes?

The response so far is that a resounding yes, using minimum extra effort required in addition to this work we are doing to keep our search positions and resulting traffic.

How the SEO for Issue Awareness Program Works

In 2022, we have established an initiative to give away a number of our customers’ valuable focus to support great causes.

1 day a month, we are currently swapping out our right-rail skyscraper banner ad across our sites site to create awareness for good reasons.

To keep it easy, we have chosen a distinctive worldwide cause for each and every month from this calendar year, for example World Health Day at April and also International Museum Day at May.

For ease of management, we are using our A/B testing tool to set up the content shift to 100 percent of traffic to the specified monthly days.

Additionally, we have made attempts to loosely organize which causes to help together with our other corporate charitable endeavors.

This is what it looks like to our users:

The Results of our Program

After two weeks with this program set up, we have proven a Great Cause CTAto ~16,000 pageviews, and we are on track to demonstrate a Great Cause CTA to ~100,000 pageviews within this particular pilot 12-month period.

We have not generated much in the manner of traffic and clicks for all these triggers however. However, because we enhance the program and discover best-fit causes we expect to move in this way.

We love to think about this as our very own small version of Google Ad Grants, where Google gives away free lookup outcome advertisement space to non-profits.

Tips for Getting Started

  • Use your SEO traffic to support existing corporate initiatives first. Afterward, expand to fill in the gaps until you have what you feel is a sufficient plan.
  • Consider starting small, with just a couple of days or causes per year that are hyper-relevant to your audience.
    Don’t give away your user’s attention if you can’t afford to. As airline attendants say, put the mask on yourself first, before helping others.
  • Try to streamline your CTA process as much as possible so the program runs smoothly with practically no effort by using existing testing tools, scheduling, and standardized CTA formats.
  • Gain leadership’s approval before starting the program. You wouldn’t want your manager to learn about a program like this in the wrong way. Many leaders would applaud and support this type of initiative.
  • Create a blog post or a short webpage explaining the program. This way your visitors can understand exactly why they’re seeing a message supporting a good cause.

A Call to Action

Are you a website owner, supervisor or SEO attempting to do something great with all the hard work you have put in generating traffic from search engines?

  • we invite you to come across excellent causes and nonprofits that could be of interest for a site’s audience and just begin.
  • Along with creating goodwill and enhancing the entire world, this is a Simple way to:

Encourage your business’s other charitable programs.
Lead the way toward beginning to turn into a more socially-responsible small business.

If you work for a fantastic cause or nonprofit in need of awareness and traffic, there are a couple things that you may take from this particular post.

  • Check out Google Ad Grants to Find out If You’re Able to receive Contributed SEM visibility from Google Advertising.
  • Check out which content sites may be a fantastic synergy with your origin — websites that currently have banner advertisements or similar. Get in touch with the owners of these websites and see whether they may be interested in donating some of the visitors attention.

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