20.01.2024 22:41

Remote Work = Cryptocurrency

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Life expectancy is calculated in such a way that no one has time to draw conclusions from what is happening.

In this haze of unconscious, short life existence, you are led along paths not trodden by you, from fresh hay to slaughter, by those who guard the herds, making you excrete the nectar of fear and the sweat of frustration, which they resell to the fetishists in power.

This is how it should be, this is life, there are always guests, but there are hosts and there is a parity of forces.

For your own good. Follow all the recommendations of the experiment, and the commanders may let you live and even let you work.


We have a short period of time when everyone is able to realize with varying degrees of certainty that he exists as a person. Let's be content with that.

The only thing we can do is, inevitably, quickly become wiser and, having found “willpower” in our list of talents, take control of our money and our time.

In any crisis, the entry threshold is lowered, today is the time for new opportunities.

If you want to rationally and tastefully use enrichment schemes, this is just your chance, against the backdrop of a pandemic, instability and various wars - prices are falling to negative values.

And do not be shy, this is the only correct decision and the ideal strategy.

Do not listen to the gurgling of the unfortunate, this world can change in a second and does it with enviable frequency, and then everything that seemed like an unnecessary atavism, contrary to the words of the more sophisticated, becomes the only relevant set for survival. . for more reasonable.

The main task of any propaganda is to convince unhappy people that they are happy. And I must say it works well.

Modern education aims to train corporate slaves, so it prioritizes skill over personality over character development. Why?

Because it is NOT FAVORABLE. So that a person can set goals for himself, realize his priorities, motivate himself, be able to overcome obstacles, act in conditions of uncertainty, so that he has independence and courage.

The path to freedom lies through entrepreneurship, because in this case you control your life, and not someone else.

Freedom in a certain sense is a consequence of entrepreneurship. Of course, you can go to the village and live from the garden. We do not consider this case, it is of little interest to us.

The desire for freedom is a consequence of your psychological fatigue from hiring.

Yes, people want to get rid of the hated hired labor without visible prospects. From creativity with money - rarely))) But when there is growth, there is more and more creativity, and money is a consequence. But at the initial stage, you need to think about money.

Therefore - if you want freedom, it is the desire to run away from what you do not like. This is the path to a dead end. You cannot run away from yourself.

Therefore, there is no need to run, to waste time looking for some kind of freedom.

You need to start doing business, then you will have something to do, you will stop thinking about freedom, and start thinking about many more pressing things.

If by freedom you mean lying on the beach, doing nothing, and having money flowing, then nothing is easier.

Earn at least 2-3 million in cash, invest securely and live the life of a relaxed interest-bearing rentier.

Question - where to get 2-3 million dollars?

We earn - either in the company through bonuses, options, and if the career is not successful - we return to entrepreneurship again.

The number of folks working as #freelancers grows yearly. So too are the number of companies hiring these specialists. Where can the two meets?


Quasa Connect App

QUASA has become the first one-stop marketplace offering cryptocurrency payments for freelancers and those who work remotely!

Quasacoin (QUA) is the governance token of the QUASA metaverse.

With the transition to blockchain and the use of artificial intelligence, QUASA is creating a new environment that will change our daily work.

Any centralized services can be turned off with one button, there are many restrictions, the “big brother” is constantly monitoring, draconian taxes have been introduced on the maintenance of unnecessary officials, you can list a lot of shortcomings inherent in competitors existing on the market.

Unlike centralized, similar services for freelancers, QUASA is not tied to fiat and is decentralized.

Clients and Contractors will appreciate the convenience of paying with QUA cryptocurrency.

You are not tied to a country, to the currency of any country, and you can easily hire any specialist from anywhere in the world and calmly pay for his work. There is no need for conversion and complexity with banking operations. No need to know the laws of different countries.

QUA cryptocurrency is a universal tool that was specifically created for settlements with freelancers and those who work remotely around the world.

There is a huge market for freelancing, just as there is a huge market for cryptocurrencies. That is why QUASA has seized the leading role and intends to force players out of the markets of classic centralized service platforms.

The use of QUA tokens is a prerequisite for working in the Quasa Connect app.

In Quasa Connect, anyone can post a task or become a task executor.

After the publication of your task, you can choose a contractor who will respond and agree on the cost of work with him. Or you can become a performer and earn money offering your services on Quasa Connect.

If you don't know where to start and how to become a performer, then go through QUASA's sandbox game here: DayQ!

The application is available for all versions of Android. 

Blockchain app Quasa Connect

Now the application can be used:
- order any work;
- perform any work;
- agree on the cost of work;
- use the chat in the application;
- accept completed task;
- do not accept the task.

Combining the most brilliant minds in global trade, information security, blockchain, and artificial intelligence, QUASA aims to fix the inefficiencies in a $150 trillion USD industry.

QUASA was founded by Slava Vasipenok, who, in an interview with Irishtechnews magazine, said that the problems of hundreds of millions of people left without a livelihood would be solved with the help of Quasa Connect.

We invite you to join the open testing and we will be grateful for your feedback.

Quasa Connect is an easy way to solve any problem in a couple of clicks!